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Operational Policy 1: Customer Focused Business Practices

Based on the Chubb Group Code of Conduct, “customer focus” is instilled in everything we do. This document will be published for customers to see how we integrate this philosophy in our business practices.

Operational Policy 2: Leveraging the "Voice of the Customer" in Our Operations

We will continue our efforts to achieve customer satisfaction by listening earnestly to the "voice of the customer," and using their valuable insights to improve the way we operate.

Operational Policy 3: Providing Optimal Insurance Products and Services

We continuously work to provide products and services that satisfy the needs of our customers.

Operational Policy 4: Payment of Claims

We aim to always see things from the customers’ perspective and provide the best service with outstanding hospitality.

Operational Policy 5: Proper Management of Conflicts of Interest

We maintain our operational readiness to manage conflicts of interest properly to protect our customers' interests.

Operational Policy 6: Initiatives for Entrenching Operational Policies

We promote initiatives that aim to improve training systems and entrench operational policies for our agents and employees to act in a customer-centric manner at all times.