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You may have noticed. It’s harder to get the insurance you need and the capacity you expect.

That’s because, in an increased-loss market environment, many insurers have shrunk their offerings, trimming back in significant ways.

So you may find it difficult to:

  • Find top-layer 100% coverage
  • Get the capacity you need

Shrinking availability has become the norm. But not at Chubb Bermuda.

We still offer the coverages you need. And we offer something more – 3-Year Annual or Pre-Paid Options, ensuring long-term pricing stability on excess property coverage.

Key Features
  • 1st Party All Risk Cover (Follow Form)
    • Manuscript form for each Insured
  • 3-Year Annual or Pre-Paid Options
    • Ensures long-term price stability
  • $650M Per Risk
    • Non-CAT Capacity
  • 100% of Top Excess Layers
Minimum Attachment
  • $50M
  • $750M for VCE Exposed Occupancies
Target Industry Classes
  • Will consider all industry classes except steel mills and off-shore property

Chubb Bermuda Property - Key Contacts

Robert Rebellato SVP (Head of Dept.) 299-9214
David Jenkins Senior Vice President 278-9902
Matt Ferris Assistant Vice President 299-9363
Dwayne Adams Assistant Vice President 278-6653
James Chiappa Underwriter 299-9341
Stephanie Loper Underwriter 299-9278
Ieva Ferguson Assistant Underwriter 299-9203
Kyle Mitchell Assistant Underwriter 299-9323

Excess Property Global Underwriting Centers - Bermuda, London, Miami, and Singapore.