Michael Trainor

Michael Trainor, Division Finance Officer, Chubb Bermuda International

Michael Trainor is the Division Finance Officer for the Chubb Bermuda International, a division of Chubb European Group SE, with responsibility for finance and operations. Before the integration of Chubb Bermuda International Insurance Ireland DAC into the larger Chubb European Group SE operations in May 2017, his responsibilities included legal entity executive management roles as well as membership of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the company.

Mr. Trainor joined the company in 1998 as Chief Financial Officer, having previously worked in Dublin as managing director of the Willis Towers Watson Captive management unit from 1994 to 1998 and in Bermuda from 1987-1992.

Mr. Trainor qualified as a Chartered Accountant in Ireland (ACA) in 1986 and became a Fellow of the Institute (FCA) in 1997. He also holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from University College Galway.