When you are looking for excess casualty protection, you need a strong and reliable partner. Chubb Bermuda has a 30-year history of working with Fortune 1000 companies underwriting low-frequency high-severity exposures and offering sizeable limits for all industry classes. 

Coverage Highlights

Excess Casualty

Chubb Bermuda offers the following Excess Casualty coverage:

Occurrence First Reported (Bermuda Market) Form (CHUBB 005 or XL 004)

Our core product is the Occurrence First Reported (Bermuda market) Form, which provides catastrophe excess liability insurance with limits of up to US$150 million. Coverage highlights include:

  • Broad insured definition
  • Broad pollution coverage
  • Broad integrated occurrence coverage
  • Workers compensation/employers liability
  • Broad personal injury definition (including discrimination)
  • Watercraft, as scheduled
  • Affirmative punitive damages
  • Secondary non-automotive products recall
  • Discovery coverage at pre-agreed scheduled pricing
  • Terrorism coverage by endorsement
AEGIS Follow Form Policy (AE 03)

Chubb Bermuda offers follow form excess liability claims first made coverage of the AEGIS policy:

  • Affirmative punitive damages cover
  • Scaled limits for joint venture liability
  • 30/90 time element pollution
Occurrence Follow Form Policy (OCC01, BSF02)
  • Recognition of erosion of underlying limits
  • Prior insurance and non-cumulation of insurance wording
  • Prior claims/occurrence exclusion
  • London arbitration wording
  • New York law of Construction and Interpretation
Punitive Damages Wrap Form (PD 3-12)

Chubb Bermuda offers affirmative punitive damages cover as a complementary "wrap around" of Chubb North America or Westchester excess casualty policies.

  • Maximum limit US $150 million
  • Occurrence Follow Form US $100 million single policy aggregate / US $50 million for multi  aggregates
  • Healthcare US $150million occurrence reported/US $100million Follow Form
  • Punitive Damages Wrap up to US $50 million in aggregated wrap cover.
  • Minimum attachment US $100 million
  • Healthcare US$50 million
  • AEGIS Follow Form US$85 million
Target Industry Classes

Our business model focuses on Fortune 1000 companies and underwrites low-frequency high-severity exposures offering sizable limits for all industry classes. We consider all industry classes.

Typical industry classes include but are not limited to:

  • Auto and Auto Parts Manufacturing
  • Chemical
  • Construction
  • Consumer Products
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Life Sciences
  • Oil and Gas
  • Real Estate
  • Transportation (Rail / Road)
  • Utilities (Energy / Telecommunications)

Chubb in Bermuda is regulated by the Bermuda Monetary Authority. It is not licensed in the U.S. as an admitted insured nor is it an eligible excess and surplus lines insurer. Chubb Bermuda’s insurance products are available through non US-based brokers only.