Our teams

Management and Administration

Daniel Becker

Senior Executive Officer & Director

Aubrey Anoba

Office Manager & HR Officer

Odette Coetsee

Regional Finance Manager, Central Region

Faiza Mohamed

Underwriting Assistant

Dmitry Patokin

Finance Reporting Manager

Nadezhda Talakina

Underwriting Assistant

Maria Gladkaya

Compliance Officer & MLRO


John Ambrose

Regional Head of Construction & Marine, Central Region

Vidya Singh

Senior Construction Underwriter

Sophie Solari

Senior Technical Lines Underwriter

Osman Kenanoglu

Construction Underwriter

Fraser Galbraith

Senior Construction Risk Engineer

Accident and Health

Misbah Karoly

Senior Accident & Health Underwriter

Fire and Political Violence

Daniel Becker

Regional Head of Fire & PV, Central Region

Iheb Ghileb

Senior Fire & Terrorism Underwriter and
Head of Business Development, North Africa

Nafeesa Dawani

Fire Underwriter

Sheree Codrington

Fire Underwriter

Nikhil Kumar

Fire Underwriter

Sherif Morsi

Senior Fire Risk Engineer

Rebecca Jarrold

Senior Political Violence Underwriter

Financial Lines

Kiran Lokhande

Senior Financial Lines Underwriter

Praveen Chaudhari

Financial Lines Underwriter


Konstantin Tretyakov

Regional Casualty Manager, Central Region

Mustafa Ince

Senior Casualty Underwriter

Palesa Kgafane

Assistant Casualty Underwriter