Discover Your Ikigai event

We hope those who attended Chubb Life Myanmar's "Discover Your Ikigai" event gained valuable insights into finding their life's purpose, or Ikigai.

If you're passionate about helping others secure their future, consider joining Chubb Life Myanmar as a Financial Advisor! Contact us via Facebook Messenger at to learn more.

2024 Kick-off Meeting and Annual Agency Awards

Chubb Life Myanmar is gearing up to GROW UNSTOPPABLE in 2024! Our top financial advisors gathered at Melia Yangon for the “Grow Unstoppable” Agency Kick-off Conference and Annual Agency Awards, fueled by a shared passion to deliver superior life insurance solutions to our clients in 2024 and beyond.

This is just the beginning, and we're excited to unleash the unstoppable force of Chubb Life Myanmar in 2024, and help our clients secure a brighter future.

4th ICC Emerging Asia Insurance Conclave & Awards

Chubb Life Myanmar proudly received three prestigious awards at the 4th ICC Emerging Asia Insurance Conclave & Awards in Mumbai, India in the following categories:

• Best Life Insurance Company – Myanmar

• Best Customer Oriented Company – Myanmar

• Women in Insurance Leadership - Myanmar

This recognition is a testament to the dedication of our outstanding financial advisors, employees and each valued customer who entrusted us with their protection needs.

Chubb Lifetime Elite - Universal Life Product Launch

Chubb Life Insurance Myanmar has launched the Chubb Lifetime Elite to help families invest for the long term and create wealth to fulfill their aspirations and dreams.

The official launch event was held at the Novotel Hotel on October 20, 2023, attended by our distinguished dignitaries from the financial industry, esteemed guests, business partners, customers, and Agents.

Chubb Lifetime Elite is designed to provide protection lead investment for you and your loved ones when you need it the most.

Career Opportunity Program in Yangon and Mandalay

The Career Opportunity Program organized by Chubb Life Myanmar achieved remarkable success in the cities of Yangon and Mandalay.

The video presented below captures the spirit of this transformative event, which has opened new avenues of opportunity for individuals in Yangon and Mandalay at the same time.

We are confident that we have provided new opportunities for the future of every attendee who has demonstrated a genuine interest in this program.

Chubb Life Myanmar extends its appreciation to all individuals who actively engaged with unwavering enthusiasm.

Mandalay Office Opening - Transform Your Life, Transform Your Health

Engaging in morning exercise under the revitalizing sunlight can help rejuvenate your mind, setting you up with a fresh mindset for the day ahead, allowing you to tackle your daily tasks with renewed energy and vitality.

In the enchanting city of Mandalay, Chubb Life Myanmar organized the 'Transform Your Health, Transform Your Life' initiative for the Mandalay community. This comprehensive program encompassed health walks, lively Zumba dance sessions, physical workouts, and interactive games.

Global Career Day

The first-ever Global Career Day event offered a bright and hopeful future to the people of Myanmar.

The event, which was headed by the Chubb Life Global Team and hosted at the (7) Chubb Life Insurance Operations Presences (China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Egypt, and Myanmar), was a meaningful and impressive conference held on July 15th at the Melia Hotel in Yangon.

We believe that the attendees gained valuable insights into the various prospective professional paths and are now better equipped to pave the way for a brighter future.

2023 Kick Off Meeting & Appreciation Dinner

At our recent agency kick-off event for 2023, our partner agents, agency leaders, and Chubb Life's senior executives convened in Myanmar to celebrate their accomplishments for 2022 and share their aspirations and goals for 2023.

2023 is the 'Year of Transformation' for our agents, and the agency team is committed to go 'Higher, Stronger, Better, and Faster'! 

Third Anniversary

In 2023, we celebrated the Third Year Anniversary of Chubb Life Myanmar with our business partners, employees and agents. 

We also hold monthly appreciation events to celebrate our agents and increase the engagement with them. These events include awarding our outstanding agents and setting commitment for our next journey.

At Chubb Life Myanmar, we are committed to building and developing our professional network of agents so that we can provide better services to the people of Myanmar. 

Go Big Go Beach

In 2022, Chubb Life Myanmar held a Go Big Go Beach ('GBGB') team building activity.

Congratulations to all the winners of the GBGB campaign, and kudos to those who were able to win distinct awards within this competition! It was great to see how engaging all our agents and agency leaders were at this team building activity. 

There is a better life. The Chubb Life.

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