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Risk is unavoidable.

We understand there are uncertainties in life. Accidents and illnesses could happen to anyone of us and our loved ones at a time we least expect.

However, what more critical is not the risk itself, but the disastrous impact of the financial loss and burden that the risk would cause to you and the people you care the most.

In life, the dreaded and sudden risks that can cause heavy financial and emotional losses to us are

  • Accident
  • Hospitalization
  • Critical Illnesses
  • Death

Therefore, it makes sense to prepare and manage all these risks by ensuring that we have the emergency cash and income replacement when it does happen so that we and our loved ones can be taken care of.


With Chubb Life Myanmar, we have you covered with the following products and services.

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Becoming Parents & Planning For The Future

Chubb Life Shield is a saving type of insurance product with a technical name of Education Life Insurance. This Life Insurance provides protection for your income, your family as well as your children's education. There are two plans to choose from: Chubb Life Shield Basic Benefit Plan and Chubb Life Shield Double Benefit Plan. If the person insured for Chubb Life Shield Education Life Insurance dies or suffers from total permanent disability during the term of insurance, the education benefit under the policy will be guaranteed while the premium will be waived for the remaining payment period (payment period is 5 years, 7 years or 10 years). The maturity benefit (education benefit) will be paid out to the beneficiary upon maturity of the policy.