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Own Damage Claims (OD):

How can you report a claim: Either:

  1. by Email
  2. by post/mail
  3. by Fax
  4. In-person

Required documents for submitting claim:

  1. Claim Form should be duly completed with the details of the accident and signed by the authorized driver or the insurer.
  2. Original accident report duly signed by Traffic Department or Najm Company with the information required.
  3. Original sketch of the accidents
  4. Copy of the insurance policy
  5. Copy of a valid driving license
  6. Copy of vehicle registration (Estimara)
  7. Original repair permit issued by Traffic Department

In case of bodily injury, an authorized medical report should be submitted as well as cost of medical expenses (subject to emergency medical expenses coverage). In case of death, copy of Medical report & death certificate should be submitted (subject to personal accidents coverage).

In-completed Claim will not be handled, receipt of claim documents does not bind Chubb Arabia to accept the claim. Claim will be settled when the company ensures compliance with the Claims/accident procedure and adherence with the terms and conditions of the insurance policy.

Third Party Motor Claims (TP):

How can you report a claim:


  1. By Email
  2. By Post/mail
  3. By Fax
  4. In-person

Documents Needed:

  1. Claim form
  2. Accident Report
  3. Accident Sketch
  4. Three repair quotations from different workshop

Or Market value of the vehicle:

  1. Vehicle ownership documents
  2. Car owner Driver license
  3. Copy of Personal ID
  4. Other if needed.