Risk Engineering Services

Latin American Context

In Latin America, Chubb runs a widespread network of operations in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Panama and Puerto Rico.

In these markets, we combine our global expertise with our regional strengths in order to help you to manage your risks. To support our operations as well as our global and regional customers, we have located specialists in risk management strategically within this area.

We also have in situ control capability losses in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina and Brazil, where we can offer this service on several business lines, such as Property, Liability and Electrical Generation.


Chubb has become an established and consolidated leading provider of risk management programs and risk comparison. Our programs offer reliable techniques, which are able to compare risks in the various facilities and locations within a business, as well as a company's performance in relation to the best practices in the field. These programs also increase the visibility of risk within an organization, and inspire employees and headquarters to generate improvements.

Our engineers constitute an essential gear of our global network of engineering, given that they manage our global resources to meet your needs, delivering their necessary expertise in the field of loss control and risk management.

Strategically located throughout the region in order to give a global perspective and a local approach to all risk management needs, we provide your organization with all our resources in this area.