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The risks that your property and your Company face for any damages are many and varied, but Chubb provides a flexible range of solutions for different contingencies and accidents.



  • We offer a wide variety of coverages, ranging form All Risk plans to specific risks coverages.
  • Some of our products include these coverages:
    • Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions 
    • Fire
    • Catastrophic risk 
    • Burglary and theft 
    • Boiler and machinery 
    • Business income 
    • Extra expense 
    • Rental income
    • Contingent business income 
    • Inland marine coverage (e.g. contractors equipment, electronic, equipment, etc.) 
    • Excess policies 
    • Assumed reinsurance 
    • DIC programs 
    • International programs


  • Coverage for property damages and loss of benefits of covered events. 
  • Thanks to our financial soundness, we are a very strong insurer and have an A++ from A.M. Best
  • When designing your coverage, we make decisions at a global level but our experience and the support we give you is international.


  • Residential condominiums 
  • Schools, universities 
  • Hospitals 
  • Office buildings 
  • Hotels 
  • Associations 
  • Shopping malls 
  • Sports centers 
  • Telecommunications industry 
  • Manufacture of metal products 
  • Food plants 
  • Factories of machinery, mechanical and electrical equipment 
  • Chemical plants 
  • Cement, concrete, ceramics and glass factories 
  • Transportation equipment 
  • Others