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The insurance is oriented towards the specific needs of your project and we have different teams of specialists to handle your underwriting and claims.



  • We protect you against complex risks of financial institutions. 
  • We offer coverage against losses incurred by a wide range of professionals as well as against claims filed against you, whatever your sector of activity may be. 
  • We can face claims in any country and under any jurisdiction.

Financial Institutions

  • Directors and Officers Liability Policy 
  • Employment Practices Liability Policy 
  • Excess Liability Policy
  • Fiduciary Liability Policy 
  • Financial Institution Bond 
  • Financial Institution Professional Liability Policy 
  • Insurance Company Bond 
  • Mutual Funds Directors & Officers 
  • Errors and Omissions Liability Policy Investment Management Insurance Company Policy

Private/Non-For-Profit Companies

  • Management Protection Liability Package Policy (Directors & Officers Liability, Employment Practices Fiduciary Liability, Commercial Crime, Excess Liability)
  • Director’s Officers Liability 
  • Employment Practices Liability 
  • Excess Liability

Professional Liability and E&O Products

  • Architects & Engineers Professional Liability 
  • Cyber Liability Insurance 
  • Agents & Brokers Errors and Omissions Liability Policy 
  • Lawyers Professional Liability
  • Logistic E&O Liability (Freight Forwarders, Shippers Agents, Customs Brokers) 
  • Miscellaneous Professional Liability 
  • Multimedia Liability (e.g. Film, Publishers and Advertising Agencies Liability) 
  • Realtors Errors and Omissions Liability Policy 
  • Tech & Cyber Liability Package Policy


  • Thanks to our financial strength, we are a very strong insurer and have an A++ from A.M. Best. 
  • When designing your coverage, we make decisions at a global level, but the experience we have and the support we give you is international.


  • Companies 
  • Non profit organizations 
  • Directors 
  • Administrators 
  • Employees 
  • Professionals 
  • Trustees 
  • Advisors 
  • Others