The insurance is oriented towards the specific needs of your project and we have different teams of specialists to handle your underwriting and claims.



  • When designing your coverage, we make decisions at a global level but our experience and the support we give you is international. 
  • Our coverage applies to catastrophic events, natural disasters and business interruption. 
  • We can also provide All Risk Plans.


  • We offer you engineering services in risk prevention. 
  • We also help you control your losses. 
  • Thanks to our financial strength, we are a strong insurer and have an A++ from A.M. Best. 
  • We can design, operate and control multinational programs for exhibitions outside Mexico.


  • Companies that generate and distribute electric power. 
  • Hydroelectric plants 
  • Combined cycle plants 
  • Diesel plants 
  • Cogenerators of electricity 
  • Pulp and paper mills 
  • Laboratories and chemical industries 
  • Petroleum and/or refining 
  • Gas and oil pipelines 
  • Petroleum and gas storage plants 
  • Others