The insurance is oriented towards the specific needs of your project and we have different teams of specialists to handle your underwriting and claims.

At Chubb we comply with the local requirements of the jurisdiction in which our insured operate.



  • We can offer you cover in a specialized manner in clinical tests, expenses of withdrawing products from the market, legacy liability risks originating in mergers and acquisitions, excesses and contamination, in addition to offering you Umbrella coverage. 

  • We offer coverage for losses incurred by a wide range of professionals and also in the case of claims filed against you, whatever your sector of activity may be. 

  • We can face claims in any country and under any jurisdiction.

Products and Services

  • Premises and Operations Liability 

  • Product Liability 

  • Construction Liability 

  • Product Withdrawal 

  • Controlled Insurance Program by Owners for Contractors 

  • Employers Liability 

  • Facultative Reinsurance 

  • Multinational programs with differences in coverage and limits 

  • Owner-Controlled Insurance Programs 

  • Contractor-Controlled Insurance Programs
  • Umbrellas and Excess Coverage 

  • Workers Compensation Programs


  • We advise you in the analysis of product labeling, in the development of contingency plans and risk inspection, as well as the analysis and control of catastrophic events. 

  • Thanks to our financial soundness, we are a very strong insurer and have an A++ from A.M. Best. 

  • When designing your coverage, we make decisions at a global level but our experience and the support we give you is international.


  • Construction 

  • Hotels 

  • Restaurants 

  • Food and beverage plants 

  • Companies linked to the field of energy 

  • Exporters 

  • Cultural, sports and social centers 

  • Shopping malls, offices and buildings 

  • High frequency companies 

  • Clinics and hospitals 

  • Medical and health care centers 

  • Multinational companies 

  • Providers of services 

  • Department stores 

  • Bottling plants 

  • Gas companies 

  • Telephone companies