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Chubb Travel Insurance policyholders can access special rates in laboratories in different destinations in COVID-19 tests, essential today to travel. Please contact the provider where you want to do the test directly to check availability and rates.

The centers that offer a discount do so against the presentation of the voucher that is sent by email together with the insurance policy.



WhatsApp (11) 4916 6773

Barrio Norte - Arenales 2720

Belgrano I - Vuelta de Obligado 1947 8°B 

Belgrano II - Sucre 2639

Botanico - Av. Gral. Las Heras 3828

Caballito - San José de Calasanz 202

Congreso II - Av. Callao 25

Flores - Gavilán 15, 1°piso

La imprenta - Gorostiaga 1897

Liniers - Av. Rivadavia 11114

Palermo Hollywood - Bonpland 1397

Plaza Italia - Thames 2480

Recoleta - Av. Callao 1343

Retiro - Av. Santa Fe 1154

Villa Crespo - Camargo 470




Genómica Medica

Request an appointment at (+52) 5551353371 and/or  (+52) 5554194470 WhatsApp