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During these unsettling times, we want to reinforce our commitment to clients, brokers and business partners. The insurance industry provides a vital service to businesses and individuals and, whilst Chubb colleagues are now on a work-from-home schedule, rest assured we remain available to provide the same level of support you have come to expect.

Chubb is closely monitoring the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus and continually reviewing guidance issued by government health authorities and the World Health Organization. We seek to minimize any disruption to our clients, agents, and brokers, while ensuring the safety of our employees. 

Reporting Claims

You can continue to report claims in the usual way.

We are monitoring new developments so that we can quickly adapt and continue to provide the best possible service experience to our clients, agents and broker. As always, thanks for the trust you place in Chubb.

Chubb MENA Leadership Team