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Chubb works with a range of partner organisations in both the travel and non-travel industry to help them grow their businesses through ancillary revenue. We add value to their customer proposition by enhancing it through leisure travel insurance solutions that are tailored to meet their specific needs. The benefits of a successful partnership include new revenue streams for our partners in a difficult economic climate and increased customer loyalty resulting from a well-targeted and intelligently marketed new service.

Why choose Chubb as your partner

At our core we are an underwriting company and can provide flexibility to our partners and their clients.

  • Consistency: Chubb Travel Insurance is a one stop solution – we take care of all licensing, service, technology, operations and distribution, so you can concentrate on maximizing your income.
  • Global Capability - Chubb has dedicated, fully licensed travel insurance operations in over 50 countries, and the ability to provide insurance solutions in over 140 countries.
  • First Class Service - Our global service network will take care of your customers anywhere they travel to.
  • Technology Integration - Our Chubb CRS travel technology platform is designed for speed to market and versatile connectivity. We can power your travel insurance-based ancillary income through integration with GDS’s or the connectivity method you may require.
  • Financial Strength - Our strong financial ratings are indicative of Chubb’s solid capital base and financial stability.
  • Expertise and Experience - We have extensive, proven experience in finding ways to maximize income for our partners through multiple distribution channels.

Contact Us

T. +27 (0) 800 467 467