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Our Stories

When you think of insurance, you probably think about natural disasters. Or accidents. Or a large stack of documents with small type. At Chubb, we think about things differently. For us, insurance is about one thing: craftsmanship. It’s who we are. It’s what we do. It’s how we serve our clients.

Craftsmanship is about creating something from scratch. It’s about molding and shaping our coverage into exactly what our clients need. It’s about having the skills and expertise to figure out the best way to do the job and then get it done. At Chubb, we don’t plane maple into high-end table tops or machine steel hinges and brackets. But we are craftsmen nonetheless. We combine a passion for service with decades of experience and exceptional financial resources to deliver the best possible insurance products for people and for businesses—big and small.

40 million people in Mexico are not connected to the Internet. Yet.

ALTÁN Redes is working to make that happen. In collaboration with multiple financial partners and the Mexican government, they are building a shared wireless network across the country. This will bring the Internet to people in Mexico who have never been connected before. It will provide endless opportunities for continuing education, economic advancement, and a stronger civil society.

Chubb issued a surety bond that helped give all parties involved confidence to sign the deal and move forward with the project. Additionally, Chubb wrote policies to cover construction risk, environmental exposure, and potential damage to the network. From global multinationals to start-ups and local businesses, Chubb offers a complete range of insurance products and industry expertise to service almost any business need.

Flying cars. Crash landing.


Early one morning in 2014, the National Corvette Museum needed help. Overnight, a giant sinkhole swallowed an entire floor of the museum, taking with it eight priceless Corvettes. By the time first responders and museum staff arrived, the cars lay smashed against dirt and rock at the bottom of a giant hole.

Chubb responded immediately. After engineers assessed the safety implications, Chubb made the call to allow the museum to reopen right away. By quickly granting access to the press, the museum garnered publicity around the world. The amount of interest and number of visitors immediately spiked. The museum’s management team contemplated how to sustain the increased attention. Chubb’s flexibility allowed the museum to consider their options and rebuild the museum with the sinkhole as part of their exhibit. It paid off. The National Corvette Museum continues to be more popular than before the now-famous sinkhole incident.

Cultural institutions such as museums, libraries, and aquariums face special challenges and oftentimes lack professional support. Chubb’s risk management services and tailored insurance products can help protect institutions from myriad risks, both known and unknown.

Chinese manufacturer exports clean air.

Chervon started with a few smart people, two rented rooms, and one dream. The founders wanted to make the best power tools in the world and, at the same time, make a positive impact on the environment. By making their leaf-blowers, lawn mowers, and chainsaws electric, they were able to reduce the pollution that would have been created by gas-powered products. Today, Chervon exports tools and outdoor equipment around the world. 

Chubb has been working with Chervon for the past 10 years. When they wanted to expand globally, Chubb provided liability insurance that allowed them to export abroad—without intolerable levels of risk. Additionally, Chubb performed risk engineering and quality assurance analysis at Chervon’s factories in order to bolster safety, consistently ensure high levels of quality, and prevent problems from happening. 

Every industry and every individual organization faces its own unique set of risks. Chubb has decades of experience across a broad range of industries, company sizes, and geographies. Their tailored insurance products and expert guidance can help manage risk and navigate challenging competitive landscapes.

Safety first. Also second and third.

For well over a century, Piedmont Healthcare has been a pioneer in patient care. Based in Atlanta, they have grown to serve more people in more locations, and have now become one of the largest hospital networks in the Southeast. 

Over their 15 year partnership, Chubb helped Piedmont find new ways to enhance patient safety. After first reviewing procedures currently in place and then identifying potential risks, Chubb analyzed the data to pinpoint opportunities for improvement. Combining these insights with industry best practices, Chubb worked with a select group of Piedmont’s doctors and administrators to implement new checklists and measures to enhance patient safety. The results speak for themselves: Piedmont has one of the best patient safety records in the country. And now, Piedmont has called on Chubb for something else: to insure their 10 year expansion project, which will define the future of the hospital network.

Healthcare is a complex industry with many sources of risk. Chubb offers a wide range of insurance solutions so that hospitals and outpatient clinics of many sizes can focus on what is most important: the health of their patients.