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Our Stories

When you think of insurance, you probably think about natural disasters. Or accidents. Or a large stack of documents with small type. At Chubb, we think about things differently. For us, insurance is about one thing: craftsmanship. It’s who we are. It’s what we do. It’s how we serve our clients.

Craftsmanship is about creating something from scratch. It’s about molding and shaping our coverage into exactly what our clients need. It’s about having the skills and expertise to figure out the best way to do the job and then get it done. At Chubb, we don’t plane maple into high-end table tops or machine steel hinges and brackets. But we are craftsmen nonetheless. We combine a passion for service with decades of experience and exceptional financial resources to deliver the best possible insurance products for people and for businesses—big and small.

Craftsmanship means putting your clients first. So their stories are our stories. These are real people who have had real experiences with Chubb. Below you will find a few of them, telling their own stories from their own perspectives.


Early one morning in 2014, the National Corvette Museum needed help. Overnight, a giant sinkhole swallowed an entire floor of the museum, taking with it eight priceless Corvettes. By the time first responders and museum staff arrived, the cars lay smashed against dirt and rock at the bottom of a giant hole.

Chubb responded immediately. After engineers assessed the safety implications, Chubb made the call to allow the museum to reopen right away. By quickly granting access to the press, the museum garnered publicity around the world. The amount of interest and number of visitors immediately spiked. The museum’s management team contemplated how to sustain the increased attention. Chubb’s flexibility allowed the museum to consider their options and rebuild the museum with the sinkhole as part of their exhibit. It paid off. The National Corvette Museum continues to be more popular than before the now-famous sinkhole incident.

Cultural institutions such as museums, libraries, and aquariums face special challenges and oftentimes lack professional support. Chubb’s risk management services and tailored insurance products can help protect institutions from myriad risks, both known and unknown.

Trinchero Family Estates started making wine nearly 70 years ago. Three generations later, it’s still family owned and operated. The difference is scale. Today, Trinchero wineries produce nearly 20 million cases a year. It was never easy; now it’s not only much more complex, but there is a lot more at stake.

Chubb has worked with Trinchero for the past 30 years. A business relationship like that is rare in any industry. And for a family business with a long-term, generational outlook, a partner like Chubb becomes almost part of the family. As Trinchero has grown, Chubb has been there at each step along the way to provide guidance, advise on best practices, and help reduce risk. Tony Torres, Director of Trinchero, jokes that the company has been an overnight success—it’s just that it took decades to get there. Chubb has been an integral part of their recent history.

From multi-national businesses to local producers, wineries face a unique set of challenges and risks that require specialized professional services. Chubb has a long history of providing risk management and insurance solutions to wineries and a deep expertise in the field.