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Is Your Home Protected From Water Damage?

The answer may be “no” — a new Chubb survey shows that the majority of homeowners are overlooking the single most common property-related loss: water damage.

While most homeowners are rightly concerned about fire, theft and how to safeguard their home, new data from Chubb shows that the majority of homeowners are overlooking the single most common property-related loss: water damage. In fact, in a survey of 1,200 homeowners, Chubb found that water leaks only ranked fourth on the list of top home-related concerns.

Appraising Valuable Items

Whether you own fine art, jewelry, antiques or even classic cars, having a current appraisal is an important component of collection care.

No one wants to consider the unthinkable – like theft, damage or loss – happening to a prized possession. But the reality is these things can happen—so be prepared with the proper insurance coverage and an up-to-date-appraisal of your high-value possessions.

Distracted Driving – Beyond Texting-and-Driving

While smartphones get most of the attention for creating distracted driving hazards, technology is only part of the story.

Distracted driving has gained a lot of attention in recent years, with many people blaming the increased use of technology. While the advancement of mobile technology has played a huge role in distracted driving, there are other factors that contribute to this problem.

Carbon Monoxide: The Silent Threat

It is odorless, colorless and tasteless, yet it can have deadly consequences — fortunately carbon monoxide in your home can easily be detected with the right equipment.

Carbon monoxide (CO) is known as the “Silent Killer” as it is odorless, colorless and tasteless, yet can have deadly consequences. Carbon monoxide is a gas byproduct of burning fossil fuels in your furnace, clothes dryer, fireplace, automobile, portable heater, generator or other small engines and home appliances. Most issues occur when the equipment is malfunctioning or is in need of service or repair.

10 Tips for a Safer Job Site

In a high-hazard industry like construction, taking proactive measures to help combat the risks and make construction sites safer is an investment that provides real benefits.

Beyond caring for the employees at the center of your company’s success, a culture of safety delivers numerous other benefits to any organization.

Golf Carts: Small But Mighty (Dangerous)

Golf carts and utility carts may not be top of mind when you develop your fleet safety plan — but they may pose a greater danger than you think.

The Consumer Products Safety Commission estimates there are 15,000 golf cart-related injuries annually in the United States, according to the CPSC’s National Electronic Injury Surveillance System.

Guide to Storing High-Value Vehicles

Locking the doors isn’t enough to secure your fleet when it’s not being used. Whether the vehicles are parked on site or at home, they may require an elevated level of facility and asset protection.

Whether it’s an executive fleet, a group of utility vehicles or bloodmobiles, or a CEO’s personal collection, these vehicles are precious to their drivers and the organization, and often constitute a significant financial or emotional investment. Whether these vehicles are parked on site or at home, they may require an elevated level of facility and asset protection.

Social Media Policies: Not Just for the Office

Do you need a social media policy for your nanny? What your household staff shares online may give cybercriminals a lot to like.

Open House

Is your home security system locking emergency personnel out? Get the 411 on how to let 911 responders into your home safely and quickly.

Rags to Ruins: Spontaneous Combustion Hazards

Is your home renovation project about to go up in smoke? Tips to prevent those power tools and flammable liquids turning construction into a catastrophe.

No Kidding Around

What makes an employee more likely to be kidnapped? Know the countries you do business in, not just the companies you do business with. As multinational companies assess kidnapping risks in various global hotspots, they need to understand that, like other customs.

Heads Up: Distracted Walking Safety

Smartphones have created thousands of distracted walkers. If you have employees on the road — either in company cars or driving on company business — make sure they’re trained to be on the lookout.

Anti-Viral Marketing: 3 Steps for Responding to a Social Media Crisis

What happens when your company makes the news for all the wrong reasons? Having a plan and working with a risk management expert can help your company prepare before catastrophe strikes.

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