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This is the first stand-alone health insurance product of Chubb Life in Vietnam, following the Adjustment License granted by the Ministry of Finance in Vietnam, which allows the company to provide health insurance products locally.

Coverage Highlights

Coverage Highlights

- This product provides customers protection against cancer at different stages.

  • Chubb Life in Vietnam will pay 50% of the face amount (up to VND 500 million) if the insured is diagnosed with cancer at the early stage.
  • Chubb Life in Vietnam will pay 100% of the face amount (deducting any claims previous paid at early stages) if the insured is diagnosed to have late stage cancer.

- Simplified underwriting process: Customers only need to answer 4 questions in the simplified underwriting questionaire, for the company to consider to issue the policy.

- This product accepts diagnosis of cancers from hospital in Vietnam and many other developed countries worldwide, providing customers with choices of medical examination in Vietnam and abroad.


Stand Alone Cancer Care

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List of countries - Diagnosis of cancers accepted

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