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Specially designed for children, Premier Youth Universal Life offers maximum flexibility with three plan to choose from. Customers can therefore decide which is the best lifelong health and financial protection solution for their beloved children, all the way from 1 month old to 99 years old.

Coverage Highlights

Not only does Premier Youth Universal Life inherit excellent features from Universal Life, a product line which has been already chosen by a numerous Chubb Life Vietnam’s customers in recent years, it also offer outstanding benefits, such as:

  • Safeguarding your child against 14 Critical Illnesses commonly found in children, and providing compensation for multiple stages of  illness via the list of Critical Illnesses;
  • Excellent financial savings to help your child achieve their dream;
  • Supporting children toward fulfilling their financial plan for the future on behalf of their parents, should an unfortunate event occur;
  • Providing lifelong protection for your child by expanding the Insurance Benefits with age at entry from 01 month old;
  • Customers can choose a suitable financial plan between Plan 25, Plan 65, and Plan 99.

In addition to offering comprehensive protection for children, Premier Youth Universal Life also protects parents via supplementary benefits for Guardians, and thus helps ensure a bright future for the children.

Premier Youth Universal Life


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Option A

Policy Wording

Bare & Basic Quotation  (Plan 25)

Bare & Basic Quotation (Plan 65)

Bare & Basic Quotation (Plan 99)


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