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See Course Calendar for specific class dates:

    Spring Fall
Module 1 Water Supplies & Sprinkler Systems (1 day)
Module 2 Dry Pipe, Deluge and Pre-Action Sprinkler Systems (1 day)
Module 3 Automatic Fire Pumps (1 day) - Spring: 04/07/16 Fall: 09/15/16
Module 3 Automatic Fire Pumps (1 day) - Spring: 06/07/16 Fall: 10/18/16
Module 4 Maintaining Water-Based Fire Protection Systems (2 days)
Module 5 Fire Detection & Alarm Systems (1 day)
Module 6 Warehouse Fire Protection (2 days)
Module 7 Sprinkler Plan Review (2 days)
Module 8 Standpipe Systems (1 day)

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