Signature Suite

  • Welcome to a level of service tailored to your lifestyle.

The more you achieve and acquire, the more complex are the risks that can threaten your family and lifestyle. Designed exclusively for our largest and most complex accounts, our Signature Suite can offer maximum peace of mind, the attention of specialized professionals, and tailored coverage for customers with complex asset portfolios. 

Service Highlights

Personal Security

How safe are you? Higher net worth can make you a target. Chubb can help gauge your susceptibility to risk and provide resources to help keep you and your family members more secure.

With a network of security consultants, Chubb can help you take preventive measures to protect you and your family from risks such as identity theft, kidnapping, home invasion, and more. Our combination of complimentary and fee-based personal security services can provide added peace of mind and can be customized to address your individual situation.

Service Highlights

  • Personalized security consultations to help minimize your personal safety risks
  • An in-depth lifestyle vulnerability diagnostic to evaluate your personal risk factors
  • Consultations using advanced technology to help identify potential hazards in your home
  • Advice on how to help keep your family safe through our family protection website

Travel Security

One week in Europe, the next at a tropical getaway. Extensive or exotic travel makes you more vulnerable to accidents, illnesses and other emergencies.

Chubb can help you stay protected during all your travel whether home or abroad. You and your family members have access to optional emergency medical transportation coverage, excess coverage for healthcare expenses and emergency travel assistance services. Plus, get connected to exclusive travel resources to help ensure you are prepared.

Service Highlights

  • Optional worldwide insurance coverage and travel assistance
  • Access to a robust travel security website
  • Assistance with lost travel documents

Staff Management

Employing personal staff exposes you to risks, and false allegations can result in reputational damage and potentially sizeable defense costs. The key is to address these risks before they become real. 

We can help you stay in charge of your personal staff – while helping to protect your reputation and your household – with a range of comprehensive services.

Service Highlights

  • Employment best practices through complimentary phone consultations
  • Customizable handbook to help with hiring and managing domestic employees
  • At least one complimentary employee background investigation per year with discounts on addition investigations and credit checks

Helpful Hints

Be prepared to handle a medical emergency far from home with Passport 360® coverage, which far exceeds common travel insurance. Talk to your agent or broker for more information.