Individuals & Families Frequently Asked Questions

Preferred Service Providers FAQs

What are Chubb Preferred Service Providers?

We offer complimentary referrals to best-in-class professionals in maintenance, loss mitigation and restoration for your home and valuable possessions. With Chubb, you always have the choice to select your own service providers, or you can turn to us for a referral to a Preferred Service Provider who delivers the highest standards of service.

What types of vendors are in the referral network?

Through a robust network of more than 3,000 independent professionals nationwide, we offer complimentary referrals to pre-qualified specialists such as:

  • Alarm and security companies
  • Art restoration specialists/conservators
  • Art warehousing and transportation providers
  • Auto repair shops
  • Building contractors
  • Fine art and general contents appraisers
  • Fire prevention specialists
  • Home contents inventory professionals

Our referral network also includes a growing selection of architects, art framers, designers, electricians, exterior maintenance companies, fire protection specialists, fire sprinkler installers, jewelers, lightning rod installers, plumbing/HVAC specialists, roofers, security guards, seismic retrofitting specialists, storm shutter companies, and specialists in art acquisition, disposal and consultation. The network continues to expand as qualified vendors are in the process of being added to our database.

Am I required to use a Preferred Service Provider?

Chubb does not require our policyholders to use a preferred provider either proactively or following a claim. However, policyholders often inquire about referrals to qualified vendors, especially after a loss. Our network of providers was created in response to this growing need for referrals to independent specialists.

How do I access the referral network?

It’s convenient and easy to access our referral network 24x7. Visit and login with your Chubb policy information. Select “Preferred Providers” from the drop down menu, and then search by specialty or geographic location to find the best match. In many cases, you can link to the provider website for more information. You may also call 1.877.60CHUBB to request a referral.

How can Preferred Service Providers help me save money?

Many of our service providers offer preferred pricing for Chubb policyholders:

  • Percent or dollar discount off the retail list price.
  • Free consultations.
  • Waiver of fees associated with travel, shipping, setup, etc.
  • Rebates for products or services sold through retail outlets.
  • Free accessory or upgrade.
  • Coupon to be redeemed at time of purchase.

Additionally, our service providers may recommend home protection measures that can qualify you for policy discounts from Chubb.

How are service providers selected to participate in the referral network?

Our network of Preferred Service Providers has been strategically built based upon relationships we have developed through our claim handling experience and long history of home appraisal service. We include only those service providers who consistently deliver the highest level of service to our policyholders. Here are some examples:

  • Customer contact within 48 hours of referral.
  • Sample of product or service available upon request.
  • Experienced and seasoned staff assigned to service the customer.
  • Written proposal within one week of initial consultation.
  • Priority scheduling and delivery of product or service.
How will Chubb continue to enhance and maintain the quality of referrals?

We contact our Preferred Service Providers on a regular basis and seek their feedback. Likewise, we evaluate customer satisfaction through our website. Chubb reserves the right to remove any vendor from the network in order to preserve our standard of excellence.

The selection of a particular Preferred Service Provider is the independent choice of the customer. Neither Chubb nor its employees or agents make any warranties or assume any liability for the performance of the Preferred Service Provider, including any goods or services received.