• Chubb offers cutting edge technology to help protect your home from the inside out.

Did you ever wonder... is that stain on the ceiling a serious problem? Is your home properly insulated? Is the electical system safe? Masterpiece® HomeScan uses infrared camera technology to see behind the walls and ceilings of your home to help you uncover minor problems before they become major ones. 

HomeScan Service Highlights

Masterpiece HomeScan can help identify:

  • Insulation problems that could be costing you extra money or could lead to frozen pipes
  • Electrical issues that you put you and your family at risk
  • Water leaks before they turn into major losses and help pinpoint the origin of reoccurring water issues

How it Works

A Chubb thermographer will visit your home and thoroughly explain the process, including a demonstration with an infrared camera and review of sample infrared images. Next, the thermographer will scan the home exterior and interior walls and ceilings with the infrared camera. The camera registers different surface temperatures and translates them into a variety of colors. A cooler temperature may indicate missing insulation (a common precursor to burst pipes) or a wet spot. A hot reading may indicate electrical arcing, which could be a cause for fire. The powerful images captured during the HomeScan process can improve your understanding of detected problem areas.

Our Expertise

Throughout the United States, select Chubb Risk Consultants, who are Level 1 certified thermographers, combine their knowledge of fine residential construction with infrared technology. A thermographer can visit your home to review issues that could potentially lead to loss of life or property. 

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Helpful Tips

According to ENERGY STAR, sealing and insulating the "envelope" or "shell" of a home - its outer walls, ceiling, windows, doors, and floors can help homeowners save up to 20% on heating and cooling cost.

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