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We’ve prepared a comprehensive library of water defense resources including articles by Bloomberg, expert blogs, educational videos, and 10 simple tips to help you minimize water damage or even prevent it from happening in the first place. To further protect your home consider installing a Leak Defense System by Sentinel Hydrosolutions by calling a Chubb dedicated number at 855-422-3426.

Before you go

Annmarie Camp shares expert advice to help protect your home before you leave on vacation.

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We look for ways to say yes

Watch the story of a Chubb client, Carol from Chicago, IL, who was devastated to see her perfect home destroyed.

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We look for ways to do more

Kathy from Atlanta, GA tells her story of Chubb exceeding her expectations in restoring her home after a water hose on a washing machine burst.

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Chubb in Bloomberg

Water damage effects
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    The Hidden Property Damage Danger Lurking in Your Home

    You could be forgiven for thinking that William Turnbull is a little obsessed about water leaks in his house.

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    Small Leak, Big Problem

    Unnoticed water leaks can be among the most catastrophic causes of household property damage. And water damage is on the rise.

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    Drip to Disaster

    The property damage you're most likely to suffer - Water damage accounted for almost half of all property damage losses in 2015, up from about a quarter of all losses in 2011.

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Types of water shut-off systems

There are two systems available that can provide protection against non-weather related water losses.
Point-of-use systems
Prevent water damage from an individual water source or appliance and will either shut off the water to that particular appliance only, sound an audible alarm, or both.
Whole-house systems
Automatically shut off the water at the beginning of the domestic water supply line if a leak is detected in the structure. These systems fit into one of two categories: sensor based or time/flow based.
Chubb recommends

Leak Defense by Sentinel

Here’s why

  • Premium water defense systems by Sentinel, provide the most comprehensive protection available, under most circumstances.
  • We have worked with Sentinel to negotiate a discount up to 35% on the Leak Defense device for you and your home.
  • Sentinel makes the entire installation process as hassle-free as possible. Via a Chubb dedicated toll-free number (855-422-3426); Sentinel will manage the entire process, from product education to installation scheduling/coordination with one of their network plumbers.
  • Sentinel’s service includes regular communication, including a follow-up call after installation to ensure you understand how the system works.
  • If you would rather use your own plumber, Sentinel will coordinate installation with them as well.
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Additional savings for
Chubb Clients
  • Up to 35% off the price of the Leak Defense System
  • Additional savings on homeowner’s insurance premiums
  • Save 10% or more on your water bill, if your home experiences the same water loss as the average home
  • If you have questions, please contact your agent or broker.

Chubb Resources Learn more from our curated selection of news coverage about protecting your home from water damage.

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Turn off your main
water supply

Make sure everyone in your family knows where the main shutoff is located and how to use it.

Ask someone to stay or check on your home while you’re away

and be sure they know where the main shutoff is located too.


Check for leaks

including pipes, under your sink, near your water heater, or along the water supply lines.


Inspect all water supply lines

inside your home and replace those that show signs of wear or have not been replaced in the last 5 years.


Clear your gutters

so any obstructions like leaves, debris, or sticks won’t clog your gutters and lead to an overflow.


Inspect your roof

and repair or replace any dislodged or damaged shingles.


If you have a sensor-based water leak detection device

replace all the batteries in the sensor.


If you have a sump pump

make sure it is in good working order and schedule annual maintenance before you leave, or add a battery-powered backup for another line of defense.


If you have a back-up generator

make sure it is in good working order and schedule annual maintenance before you leave.


If you have a flow-based water shut-off device

set it to “away” mode before you leave.

Avoiding Water Damage

We've prepared this tip sheet for your personal records. If you have more questions or would like more information, please reach out to your agent.

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    Water Damage Prevention Tips

    Simple steps to help you protect your home from the most common causes of water damage.

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    Contact your local agent

    Chubb agents can provide advice and answers to all of your questions.