Prevent water leaks
in your home

Water damage makes up 45% of all property damage – happening more often than fire or burglary. Chubb can help.

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At Chubb, we are always looking for ways to do more for our clients. That's why, as new innovations in home protections become available, we make sure you know about them.


Did you know?

1 in 5

1 in 5 homeowners view internal water damage as the top risk to their home while they're away on vacation.


91% of homeowners say they are vigilant or do an okay job at preventive home maintenance.


However, just 22% shut off their water main before heading out of town.

Technology to protect your home

You can prevent water damage with systems that control all water coming into a home, or sensor networks that monitor leaks near water-using appliances or devices, or both.

Device Sensors

Placed near water-using appliances or devices, these sensors sound an alarm when water is detected, and send an alert to your smartphone.

Centralized Systems

A shut-off valve is located next to the home's main water line. The system then monitors the amount of water that flows into the house in a given period of time. When in “home” mode, an alarm is triggered after the maximum continuous duration of water, usually 30 minutes. When in “away” mode, the alarm is triggered after 5 minutes of continuous water flow and the shut-off value shuts off the water supply. You are notified by smartphone.

Combination Systems

These systems connect sensors with shut-off values, to shut down the water supply if even a small leak happens. They can also shut off the water if the temperature falls below 40 degrees.


Leak Defense with
Sentinel Hydrosolutions.

To help protect homes from water damage, Chubb has referred our clients to Sentinel Hydrosolutions since 2010. Their Water Leak Defense whole-house system monitors the flow of water throughout your home and automatically turns it off in the event of a leak. Here are some additional features and benefits of the system:

The protection you deserve.

Premium water defense systems by Sentinel provide the most comprehensive protection available, under most circumstances.

Your saving starts now.

We have worked with Sentinel to negotiate a discount of up to 35% on the Leak Defense device for you and your home.

Get easy, hassle-free installation.

Sentinel will manage the entire process, from educating you about the product to scheduling and coordinating installation with one of their network plumbers.

Ask your agent about how to protect your home from water damage.


For Carol, being a Chubb client for 18 years has been exceptional.

Carol was devastated after major water leaks damaged the home of her dreams. But, Chubb was there to make her whole again.

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Help protect your home with these tips.

Use these tips to keep your home protected while you're away.


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