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Proactive, complimentary assistance if your secondary or seasonal home is damaged due to a hurricane.

Chubb Property Manager

We understand, you love your seasonal home, but know that can come with risk. We will be there to help if your secondary home suers damage while you are away and do not have a property manager employed. Provided as a complimentary service by Chubb’s Risk Consulting department, Chubb Property Manager can quickly lend a hand after a hurricane and begin the process of making your home whole again.
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Service Highlights

Complimentary for clients:

With Chubb Property Manager, you get proactive, complimentary assistance if your secondary and seasonal
home is damaged due to hurricane-force winds.

Tracking and monitoring of
storm systems:

Chubb closely monitors and tracks the approach of any potential hurricane or storm, so we can react before they hit.

We will visit your home automatically, following the storm:

Once the area is safely accessible, a Chubb representative will visit your home to assess if anything has happened, and if it will impact you.

Produce a property
condition report:

A Chubb representative with extensive understanding of home construction will provide you with a report that details the exterior condition of the home.

Expedited claim submission:

If damage is discovered, you will be notified, and with your approval, a claim will immediately be filed to help expedite the claim process.

Dispatch emergency repair services:

Once a claim is submitted, and with your approval, Chubb will dispatch mitigation specialists who can board up the home, tarp the roof, extract water, help limit the potential for further damage to your home.

If you have questions about this service or would like to talk further about your insurance needs, please reach out to your representative at Lloyd Bedford Cox.

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Chubb Property Manager Brochure

A complimentary service to help homeowners after a hurricane

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