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Valuable Articles Coverage

Protect new jewelry and other special gifts you received.

We understand that your treasures reflect your personal journey. That’s why we look for ways to say yes and to do more – to help you protect your artwork, jewelry, wine, antiques, and more – so your special items will last a lifetime and beyond.

Why you need a valuables policy

Protect your valuables

While typical homeowner’s policies are designed to protect your home and what’s inside, there is usually limited coverage for valuable possessions – such as jewelry, fine art, wine, and antiques – that may get lost, stolen, or damaged. With a Chubb Valuable Articles policy, you can protect the special possessions that matter to you.

We’ll protect your valuables, right down to the finest detail

What’s important to you is important to us, so we go the extra mile to help you make sure your valuables stay safe.

Focus on keeping your valuables safe

We provide complimentary loss prevention and preservation advice for all of your valuables and collectibles.

Complimentary referrals

Our Preferred Service Provider Network is available to our clients, and all are carefully screened for quality and expertise.

Dedicated in-house collection specialists

Our in-house specialists are experts in their fields and can provide advice on how best to store and ship your valuables, as well as how to implement an emergency plan to keep your items safe in a pinch.

You’ll never hear “that’s good enough”

Chubb’s coverage is comprehensive, from breakage of your fragile collections, to lost possessions, to your newly acquired treasures.

We won’t compromise when it comes to our clients

Here are just a few reasons why 97% of our clients surveyed would recommend Chubb to family and friends.

Chubb internal survey of PRS clients

Worldwide coverage

We protect your covered valuables at home and across the globe, and cover most causes of loss, with no deductible.

Individualized coverage

We offer flexible coverage options to meet your unique needs, whether you own one high-valued item or a number of collections.

Protecting your delicate items

We’ll automatically cover breakage of fragile possessions like fine china, crystal, and porcelain.

Automatic coverage for new items

If you already have itemized jewelry, fine art, wine, or other collectibles, newly acquired items are covered for up to 90 days (25% of the itemized coverage).*

Paying market value

If the market value of an item on your policy before a loss exceeds the amount of coverage for that item, we’ll pay the market value – up to 150% of the amount of your itemized coverage.

Premium discounts

We’ll reduce your premium if you typically keep certain jewelry items in a bank vault.

Liberal appraisal requirements

We only require appraisals for individual jewelry pieces valued at $100,000 or more, fine art items valued at $250,000 or more, and wine valued at $50,000 or more. Otherwise, we just need a detailed description and estimated value.

Agreed value feature

We’ll work with you upfront to determine the value of your items. Then, for covered total losses, we’ll make sure you’ll get 100% of the agreed value as a cash settlement.

The choice is yours

You can decide whether to repair or replace an item at the merchant of your choice, or keep the cash.

*In a few states, wine acquisitions are capped at $50,000. Please check your policy for details.

A claim with Chubb means you’ll be treated with respect and efficiency.

Within just a week of damaging his watch, Scott had a check in hand for the full amount of the repairs.

See Scott’s story

Raise your expectations of what your insurer should do

Are your valuable possessions fully protected?
Protection with ChubbChubb
Coverage enhancement in the event the market value for an item exceeds the scheduled value
Coverage for works on loan/consignment to you (25% of itemized coverage up to $1M)
Coverage for works in progress (up to $100,000)
Recovered items offered back at no higher an amount than what was paid out
Referrals to a global network of vetted collection experts

Referrals to experts worldwide, including appraisers, conservators, storage facilities, shippers, custom brokers, advisors, and jewelry safe manufacturers and installers

Dedicated in-house team of Fine Art, Jewelry and Collection Specialists
Collection Risk Assessment

On-site analysis of security controls, fire protection, environmental exposures, inventory management and display conditions of the collection. Assessment of private residence and off-site storage facilities.

Collection Valuation Review

Review of collection to determine whether scheduled items should be reappraised based on recent sale results and market trends.

Infrared Assessment

Assessment of collection using infrared camera technology to detect potentially harmful environmental conditions

Emergency Preparedness Consultation

Tailored disaster planning guidance on preparing for and responding to natural and man-made disasters, as well as basic art stabilization techniques in the event artwork is damaged.

Pre-Renovation Consultation

Consultation on how to protect and preserve collections during a renovation in or adjacent to the home.

Museum Loan Consultation

Review of loss control measures to be implemented by the borrowing institution. Consultation on transit, security, and display conditions.

For all services, contact your agent for eligibility and referral to a local Fine Art, Jewelry & Collections Specialist

Ask your agent about Chubb Valuable Articles Insurance

We look for ways to do more in your community too

At Chubb, we are always looking for ways to do more for our clients – and the communities they call home.

New York Academy of Art

To help support the next generation of artists, Chubb sponsors three post-graduate Fellows every year at the New York Academy of Art.
Read more
“Fruit Portrait Installation” by Alonsa Guevara

Re-evaluate your valuables coverage

Already covered?

Like other types of investments, items like fine art, jewelry, antiques, wine, and other collectibles can fluctuate in value over time. If that happens, your insurance coverage might not fully protect you in the event of a loss. We suggest getting new appraisals for your valuables every 3-5 years and assessing your policy limits to make sure they reflect your actual risk.

We can connect you with appraisers and other resources to help ensure that your valuables are fully protected.

Tips for getting a quality appraisal

  • Look for an appraiser from one of the three main societies.

    Appraisers Association of America (AAA), American Society of Appraisers (ASA), or International Society of Appraisers (ISA).

  • Seek an appraiser with the appropriate level of expertise to value your collection.

    If you need a recommendation, Chubb clients can find appraisers and other service providers on the Preferred Service Provider Network. Many of these vendors offer discounted services to Chubb clients.

The market

When you own or collect fine art, jewelry, wine, or other collectibles, it’s important to stay abreast of what’s happening in the market and how it might affect the price of your valuables.

Industry growth can be an indication that your collection is increasing in value. Industry downturns may signify an acceptable time to purchase additional pieces at a good price. Either way the market turns, it is wise to re-appraise your valuables on a regular basis, to ensure that you are fully protected.



$316 BillionGlobal Jewelry Sales
$80.9 BillionU.S. Jewelry Sales
$39 BillionU.S. Diamond Sales
$19 BillionOnline Sales of Jewelry

Change in diamond prices

1960-March 2018

$28,400 - Price for an extremely rare 1.00 Carat EX EX EX, H&A, Super Ideal Cut, Flawless, Girdle thickness medium; Flourescence none

Prices in US dollars

Fine Art


The Art Market 2018: The Art Basel and UBS Global Art Market Report
$63.7 BillionGlobal art market in total sales (12% increase year-on-year)
U.S. #1U.S. ranked first for global art sales by value, with 42% of the market share. China was second with 21% and the UK was third with 20% of the volume.
$6.2 BillionPost war and contemporary art led the market in sales (12% increase year-on-year)
$5.4 BillionOnline sales of art and antiques worldwide (10% increase from last year, 72% increase over last five years)

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Much of Basquiat’s artwork has increased in value over time. But he’s not the only one. Overall, the contemporary art market has grown in value over the past decade.

Basquiat’s artwork value at auction (in millions of U.S. Dollars)

Christie’s and Sotheby’s auction sales

2005-2015 by category (in millions of U.S. Dollars)

Impressionist & modern
Old Masters



  • * Wines & Vines and BW166
  • ** Brager, Nielsen, 2018
  • *** “2017 Wine Auction Totals Exceed $371 Million,” Wine Spectator, April 30, 2018
$62.7 BillionU.S. wine sales*
25th Year of Growth25 consecutive years of growth for U.S. wine sales**
$371.1 MillionWorldwide wine auction sales, rising 10% from 2016
  • U.S. leads global wine sales with $185 million and an average price per bottle of $3,285
  • Internet sales saw biggest increase in market share, rising 35% to $54 million***

Market share for 2017

Wines traded on Liv-ex


Liv-ex Fine Wine 100 Index: ten years

The industry’s leading benchmark for wine investments. The chart shows the performance of this index over the last 10 years.

Index (rebased at 100 in Dec 2003)

Are you a “collector”?

Whether you consider yourself a collector or simply love art, jewelry, wine or other artifacts, you are in good company:
  • 40% of successful individuals and families were active in the art and collectibles market over the past 2 years.
  • They allocate an average of up to 10% of their wealth to “investments of passion”, such as jewelry, fine art, antiques, and other collectibles.

Share of Investments of Passion Purchased in the Last Two Years

Jewelry, gems, watches
Other collectibles
Design works
Fine art
Classic cars, boats, jets
Decorative art
Sport investments
ArtsEconomic (2017)

Are your valuables insured to full value?

Make sure your valuables are insured to their full market value. Check out these articles and resources to learn more about the current market, getting appraisals, and insurance coverage for your valuables.


The State of the Wine Market

Understand the forces that are driving the prices of investment-grade wines today...



4 ways to ensure a quality appraisal

Whether you need an updated appraisal for insurance purposes, or just found a rare piece of art, locating a quality art appraiser is key to establishing...



Insure your valuables with confidence

Chubb's Masterpiece Valuable Articles Insurance



Protect your wine, so you can appreciate it for years to come.

Masterpiece Valuable Articles Insurance for your collectible wine.


Complimentary services

Get more out of your existing coverage

At Chubb, we look for ways to do more for our clients, like helping you prevent issues from happening in the first place. Below we’ve listed some important services we provide to our clients, as well as other resources you can use to learn more about how to protect your valuable items.

Jewelry services

Chubb’s jewelry practice includes in-house GIA Accredited Jewelry Professionals in underwriting, loss prevention, and claims. We have relationships with local jewelers, safe companies, appraisers and auction houses, and can connect you with best in class vendors.

  • Collection valuation review*

    Chubb Specialists actively follow the jewelry market, and can review your items to determine whether values are in line with the market, or whether items should be appraised based on recent auction results and sale trends.

  • Collection risk assessment*

    Chubb Specialists can provide tailored risk management advice to protect your jewelry collection, including a review of alarm and security controls, jewelry safe specifications, fire protection, and guidance around safely transporting items.

  • Referrals to preferred vendors and jewelry professionals

    Our ever-growing network includes providers who adhere to strict industry standards and consistently deliver the highest level of services. Experts available worldwide.

  • Pre-renovation consultation*

    Recommendations for expansion or installation of security and protection systems.

  • Collection management

    Guidance for maintaining, managing, and enjoying your collection with private, mobile access and up-to-date inventory details.

*Available to select clients.

Fine art services

Chubb’s Fine Art and Collections Practice brings together the expertise of our worldwide in-house resources in loss prevention, underwriting, and claims. Our specialists have degrees and advanced training in art and collectibles, and prior experience working for museums, galleries, auction houses, and art warehouses. We operate in key jurisdictions worldwide to better serve our clients and develop local contacts with key fine art resources.

  • Emergency planning consultation

    Tailored guidance to prepare for and respond to natural and man-made disasters and stabilize artwork if it is damaged.

  • Review of loan and consignment agreements

    Evaluate the acceptability of a borrowing institution such as a museum or consignee from a loss control and coverage perspective.

  • Pre-event consultation*

    Ideal for those hosting charity events and large gatherings at their homes, which can result in accidental damage from increased foot traffic and security risks from guest and event staff, among other exposures. Chubb Specialists consult on common risks and steps collectors can take to protect and preserve artwork prior to an event.

  • Staff management training*

    Customized seminar to train household staff to care for, clean around, and protect artwork and outdoor sculpture, including an overview of environmental controls, protecting items in high-traffic areas, and temporary storage of items on-site.

  • Collection valuation review*

    Chubb Specialists actively follow the art market and can review your collection to determine whether values are in line with the market, or whether items should be appraised based on recent auction results and sale trends.

  • Outdoor sculpture consultation*

    Assessment of outdoor works including tailored advice on installation, potentially harmful environmental conditions, lawn care service impact, and ongoing maintenance. Landscape and irrigation specialists, structural engineers, windstorm mitigation specialists, and conservators can be recommended based on regional needs and exposures.

  • Collection risk assessment

    Tailored risk management advice to protect your collection, including a review of alarm and security controls, fire protection, analysis of environmental exposures, collection display and guidance around safely packing and transporting items.

  • Off-site storage assessment*

    Analysis of security, operations, storage, and display conditions at off-site locations.

  • Fire, security, and loss prevention advice

    Review of alarm plans and monitoring companies, location of alarm components, and tailored advice on how to protect your artwork.

  • Referrals to art professionals

    Referrals to fine art packers, transporters, conservators, advisors, and appraisers. These vendors are considered best in class and many offer discounts to Chubb clients.

  • Pre-renovation consultation*

    Guidance to protect a collection from dust, debris, vibration and other hazards associated with a renovation.

  • Thermographic infrared assessment*

    Assessment to detect potentially harmful environmental conditions in a display area.

  • Post-auction schedule reviews*

    Assessment of whether scheduled values are in line with the market or need to be re-appraised based on recent sales and trends.

  • Legacy planning consultation*

    Consultation on loss prevention and insurance considerations for clients planning to open private museums & foundations, selling artwork at auction or privately, and gifting artwork. Trust and estate experts, appraisers and advisors can be recommended to assist with legacy planning.

*Available to select clients.

Wine services

Chubb’s expertise in loss prevention, underwriting, and claims allows us to respond to the evolving needs of our wine collector clients. Our specialists provide risk consulting on topics such as fire and security protection and environmental analysis, and can recommend resources for appraisals, cellar management, storage, and transportation. Our worldwide presence helps us better serve our clients and develop local contacts with key resources.

  • Cellar risk assessment*

    Review of security controls, fire detection systems, environmental exposures, and inventory management program.

  • Infrared assessment*

    Assessment to detect potentially harmful environmental conditions in a wine cellar.

  • Off-site wine storage assessment*

    Analysis of security controls, operations, and environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and lighting.

  • Emergency planning consultation

    Customized guidance to prepare for and respond to natural and man-made disasters.

  • Pre-renovation consultation*

    Guidance to protect a wine cellar during a renovation, including proper vibration controls, seismic bracing, and storage conditions.

  • Referrals to wine professionals

    Access to a vast network of sommeliers, appraisers, advisors, storage facilities, transporters, and custom cellar designers.

  • Review of consignment agreements

    Evaluation of the acceptability of a consignee from a coverage and loss control perspective.

*Available to select clients.


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