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Many of our products are bundled with complimentary or discounted risk management and post-loss services and other value-added offerings.

  • Chubb Wildfire Defense Services: Chubb offers eligible homeowner policyholders the option to enroll in Chubb Wildfire Defense Services, a complimentary service that can help defend your home from an encroaching wildfire.
  • Residential Home Appraisals: Chubb offers complimentary, in-home appraisals to estimate the cost to rebuild a home in the event of a loss, document features of the home and provide recommendations for loss control. Our more than 160 appraisers visit over 50,000 U.S. homes each year.
  • Masterpiece® HomeScan℠: This complimentary, consultative service uses cutting-edge, infrared camera technology to help identify moisture problems and potential fire hazards within a home.
  • Preferred Service Providers: Chubb homeowner and valuable articles policyholders may request complimentary referrals to a network of more than 3,000 best-in-class specialists including alarm and security providers, water protection companies, and homebuilders. We also offer referrals to prequalified fine art appraisers, art storage and transportation companies, home inventory vendors and so much more.
  • Chubb Property Manager℠: Secondary and seasonal homeowners in select areas who have a homeowner policy from Chubb, including coverage for wind, may enroll to receive assistance when they are away from home. Chubb can deploy a representative to check on the home after a hurricane, provide a detailed report, involve the agent and file a claim, and dispatch loss mitigation specialists.
  • Emergency Loss Mitigation and Restoration: Our goal is to quickly and easily help restore a home after a covered claim. Chubb offers 24/7 post-loss emergency services through our partnerships with leading national vendors.
  • Chubb Protection Service: We provide complimentary online safety tips and prevention advice against litigation, violence, predators, fraud and other forms of crime.
  • Masterpiece® Collector Services: For avid collectors, Chubb offers access to our in-house collector specialists, who can provide complimentary, custom advice about caring for valuable collections. We also offer a complimentary web site for collecting enthusiasts.
  • Masterpiece® Auto Services: In the event of a covered auto loss, Chubb offers complimentary services in most markets including referrals to preferred repair shops, custom auto glass repair or replacement, car rental service and roadside assistance and towing.
  • Identity Management Services: Chubb homeowner and automobile policyholders have access to complimentary services from a premier, independent identity management provider. The services complement our coverage for identity fraud.
  • Signature Suite: A full array of complimentary and discounted services such as personal security consultations, travel security recommendations and collections management are offered to Signature customers.
  • Claim Service: For more than 130 years, unparalleled claim service has been a hallmark of Chubb. Convenient options are available to report a claim anytime, anywhere. We strive to contact the policyholder within 6 hours of first report of loss and make payment within 48 hours of settlement.
  • ePolicy: Chubb is doing its part to be green by offering the option to receive policy information and updates electronically via e-mail rather than paper.

Disclaimer: This information is advisory in nature. No liability is assumed by reason of the information in this document. All products or services may not be available in all jurisdictions.