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Nick Chubb: Leading By Example

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The future is now

Leading by example

When it comes to Nick Chubb, actions speak louder than words. While Nick comes off as a quiet, reserved individual, his actions on and off the field prove that he is an exemplary person with a bright future ahead. The Georgia coaching staff, along with passionate UGA fans, credit the overall success of the team to Nick’s leadership. Entering his rookie season in the NFL, Nick will look to quickly establish himself as a leader in Cleveland.

I just think when you look at Nick Chubb with the Cleveland Browns, his style of play versus what that city, that town, that team trying to build that identity and toughness is the way they're looking there. I think it's a perfect match.
Daniel Jeremiah, NFL Network via R. Cory Smith for 247Sports

Nick Chubb

Cleveland Browns

Quiet and reserved in person, Nick Chubb’s actions speak louder than his words both on and off the field. The SEC’s second all-time leading rusher and newest Cleveland Brown enters his rookie season in the NFL eager to learn from coaches and veteran players. Through his strong work ethic and commitment to team success, Nick will find ways to do more in order to establish himself as a leader in his new hometown of Cleveland for years to come.
Nick Chubb

Leading by example

Chapter 1

My new home

Nick talks about making Cleveland his new home and the expectations he feels from “The Land.”

My new home

August 23, 2018
Nick has arrived in Cleveland, and alongside Allie Clifton of Fox Sports Ohio, he discusses the emotions of draft night, Nick’s first impressions of his new home, and all the fanfare that comes with playing in Cleveland.

Welcome to the league

September 6, 2018
Nick and Allie discuss the transition from Cedartown, Georgia as well as his rookie goals and Nick reveals what game he is looking forward to most this season.

Who is Nick Chubb?

September 27, 2018
Nick and Allie stroll the grounds of the Cleveland Browns facilities and discuss Nick’s family background and values. Nick also reveals what teammate first reached out with advice on draft night and discusses why his next steps are so critical.

Role models

October 11, 2018
Set against the Cleveland skyline, Nick and Allie discuss the off-the-field responsibilities of an NFL athlete and why Nick’s work in the community is important to him. Allie will specifically touch on Nick’s youth football camps and the valuable lessons learned at each.
Chapter 2

Fans in the land

Nick comes to his new city of Cleveland, Ohio.

Fans in the land

November 15th, 2018
Nick comes to his new hometown of Cleveland, Ohio where he meets the local fans, and talks about his role in the community.
Chapter 3

Two paths converge

In the final chapter, Nick and Bradley will finally go head-to-head in Denver for the first time.

Two paths converge

December 10th, 2018
Cousins Bradley and Nick talk about their rookie experiences so far in the NFL. They will also discuss the upcoming matchup between the Cleveland Browns and Denver Broncos and what fans can expect to see.

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