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At Chubb, we know that your classic car is more than just a vehicle to drive. It’s an experience. A joy. A rush. And we also understand that when you have a treasure like that in your possession, you want to keep it in top condition – so you can admire it, show it off, and drive it for years to come.

With Chubb's classic car policy, we protect your experience on the road at every turn.



Your first car crush



Remember the thrill of seeing that one amazing car for the first time? The one you really, really wanted, even though you were just a kid?

Looking for that special classic car

  • Join the national car club that’s affiliated with the model you want.   You’ll get a magazine or newsletter to help you become familiar with the options, pricing trends, and maintenance needed for your special classic car.
  • Attend a classic car auction.   You’ll be able to see the cars up close during the auction preview and gain valuable insights about their market value during the bidding process. Everyone is welcome, even if you’re not ready to buy. 
  • Make sure your insurance covers newly acquired vehicles.   Our classic car policy provides generous worldwide coverage for newly acquired vehicles. That means, you’re covered immediately if you find the car of your dreams at an auction. 

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The color wheel

What does the color of your car can say about you? Are you white lightening, mellow yellow, or something in between?

Keeping your classic in top condition

  • Find a qualified mechanic.   Find an expert who understands it, can inspect it thoroughly and address any issues, completely and with the care it deserves. Not sure where to go? Join a car club that serves your model or call Chubb and we’ll help you find an expert.
  • Keep it clean.   To learn how to properly detail your car, inside and out, refer to your car club to determine the best products for your model or find a professional classic car detail expert.
  • Research its provenance.   Learning about your car’s history is not only fun but beneficial. Talk to prior owners, locate pictures and award, look in car registries and consider acquiring dealer brochures, signs, and other memorabilia associated with your car.
  • Protect your investment.   If your car is ever in an accident, you'll want to make sure it's repaired to its original condition. Learn more about a classic car policy that offers comprehensive protection from Chubb.

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Classic car nirvana

It’s the wind in your hair, the sound of the motor rumbling, the thrill of the ride. But before you take your classic car out for a spin, make sure you show it a little love.

Driving your classic car

  • Find a tour.   Car clubs have regular outings that may include meals, hotels, mechanical support, and opportunities to drive some of America’s finest roads.
  • Attend a car show.   Whether you’re seeking recognition for your well-presented classic or simply looking for conversation with others like you, attending a car show can boost your knowledge and enjoyment of your classic car.
  • Find a “cars and coffee” event.   Typically held in parking lots, these gatherings are usually a few hours long and don’t include awards. But they might include a drive on scenic roads and some great connections with others who love their classic cars too.

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