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Did you know?

Though men make the most expensive jewelry purchases, 60% of purchases are made by women. *

17% of investors have collectible investments in their portfolio, and jewelry is most popular. **

In 2016, the Oppenheimer diamond at 14.62 carats sold for $57.5 million, making it the all-time highest-priced piece of jewelry sold. ***

Tips for protecting jeweled treasures

How can you help your clients?

— Recommend a jewelry appraisal every 3 to 5 years.

— Suggest placing valuables in an in-home safe tied to a centrally monitored alarm system.

— Remind them to keep track of jewelry, which is twice as likely to be lost or misplaced than stolen.

— Get a security system, as 60% of burglars avoid houses with alarms.



Most jewelry is not insured

Knowing the market, appraisals, and protection

Information to help educate your clients on the importance of protecting their jewelry

— The Online Market for Vintage Watches 
      Get to know the most reputable resources.

— Rare Jewelry Sales at Auction 
      The gem market is hotter than ever.

— The Allure of Gemstones 
      Keeping the sparkle in your asset.

— Tips for Protecting Your Jewelry 
      A guide to appraisal, insurance, and daily care.

— Insuring Jewelry for Travel 
      Planning a sparkling holiday trip? Here’s how to insure your jewelry before you go.

— Store and Protect Your Jewelry 
      Safeguard against the elements and possible thieves.

— Safe and Sound Advice 
      Should you store valuables in a bank or a home safe?


Jewelry and watch sales are on the rise

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    * "Who Buys Jewelry,"
  ** 2016 Lloyds Private Banking Survey

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