Whether fine stones, watches, or precious heirlooms, your clients’ belongings hold a wealth of stories and memories. Our online tools provide valuable resources to give your clients the protection their jewelry deserves.


Did you know?

Tips for protecting jeweled treasures

How can you help your clients?

— Recommend a jewelry appraisal every 3 to 5 years.

— Suggest placing valuables in an in-home safe tied to a centrally monitored alarm system.

— Remind them to keep track of jewelry, which is twice as likely to be lost or misplaced than stolen.

— Get a security system, as 60% of burglars avoid houses with alarms.

Most jewelry is not insured

Knowing the market, appraisals, and protection

Information to help educate your clients on the importance of protecting their jewelry

— The Online Market for Vintage Watches 
      Get to know the most reputable resources.

— Rare Jewelry Sales at Auction 
      The gem market is hotter than ever.

— The Allure of Gemstones 
      Keeping the sparkle in your asset.

— Tips for Protecting Your Jewelry 
      A guide to appraisal, insurance, and daily care.

— Insuring Jewelry for Travel 
      Planning a sparkling holiday trip? Here’s how to insure your jewelry before you go.

— Store and Protect Your Jewelry 
      Safeguard against the elements and possible thieves.

— Safe and Sound Advice 
      Should you store valuables in a bank or a home safe?

Jewelry and watch sales are on the rise

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