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Did you know?

Global sales in the art market reached $63.8 billion in 2015. *


90% of the works sold at fine art auctions in 2015 were for prices less than $50,000, but accounted for just 12% of total sales values. *


Picasso’s “Women of Algiers (Version O)” set a record at auction in 2015, when it sold for over $179 million. **


Tips for protecting fine art investments

How can you help your clients?

— Advise avoiding displaying artwork underneath a bathroom hvac vent, sprinkler head, or water-using appliance.

— Recommend hiring professional art installers to hang works of art on the wall.

— Suggest hiring only reputable companies that specialize in transporting valuable works.

— Caution displaying art in high traffic areas of the home.



Contemporary art drives the market

Know the art market and help your clients—resources, articles, and videos

Information to help educate your clients on the importance of protecting their fine art

Ensuring that art is protected properly

Articles to help your client proactively manage their collections

— Your Art May Be Worth More Than You Think
      The importance of periodic “checkups.”

— Protect Your Artwork
      Ensuring the preservation of your collection.

— Protecting Your Pottery
      Beautiful and fragile, how to showcase yet protect these coveted pieces.

Art as an asset class

Wealth management articles courtesy of

— Art & Finance Report
      A closer look at the growing Art & Finance industry.

— Art as an Investment
      Why should art be considered as an asset class?

— Arts, Collectibles and Wealth Management
      Seeing the bigger picture.

How is art valued?

Criteria for evaluating art, courtesy of

— The Value of Art
      10 Video Episodes.


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