The language of insuring
high net worth successful
families and individuals

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At Chubb, we are actively investing in ways to help our independent agents and brokers grow their business. It’s a partnership; we’re working together with you to help more clients get the protection they need.

The Opportunity

We know that our agents and brokers do a good job of building relationships and converting prospects into clients. At Chubb, we are investing to generate more leads for you and help you market even more successfully, by suggesting ways to cut through the noise and effectively reach potential clients. People are bombarded by messages all day long, which is why we have invested in innovative language research to identify which words and messages cut through the clutter and create an emotional connection. Those are the ones that will help you tap into the largest growth opportunity in our industry – dislodging successful individuals and families from their current, standard carriers – by helping them realize the benefits of working with specialized experts: you and us.

We have significant room to grow together

Source: Capgemini Financial Services Analysis, U.S. Wealth Report 2015, Spectrem Group's Market Insights Report 2017 and publicly available market premium data and U.S. census.

Who are our prospects?

You likely have met many prospects like these. They have the right assets, the right income, and insurance needs you are well suited to address. You do a great job of closing the deal when you get them to sit around a table with you.  We’d like to bring more prospects for you to meet with and we continue to actively market to generate more leads for you.  But as you market to them directly, you may find that they are generally satisfied with their current coverage with a standard carrier and are bombarded with marketing messages. That means you’ll need a way to pique their interest, so they’ll want to explore what you and Chubb can do for them. Our research is here to help.

Understand the playing field

Our approach

To get the answers we needed, we partnered with Maslansky + Partners, a language strategy firm, and went right to the source. We started with agents sharing their ideas about what works best with prospects. Then we tested a host of different messages in regional focus groups to understand what language was emotionally engaging, credible, and motivating—and why. And then we conducted a nationwide survey to optimize and validate the insights.


Regional focus


Watch our research story

Our commitment to your growth

Discover how Chubb is investing in our agents and brokers, and finding ways to connect with successful individuals and families so that – together – we can build our partnership and our presence in this marketplace.

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Our research approach

Find out why the path to brand loyalty is through emotional connections, and how we plan to use our language research to help our agents and brokers dislodge affluent customers from standard carriers.

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The opportunity

Learn why people are skeptical of insurance companies and how Chubb can help set you apart from the rest, with research-tested phrases you can use to capture mindshare and be more successful.

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Key insights for our partners

Understand what to say and what not to say, to grow your business by truly connecting with successful individuals and families (spoiler alert: don’t call them “affluent”). 

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The bottom line

Want to learn more?
You got it!

Hungry for more? Dive into a webinar!

Chubb is actively investing in ways to help our independent agents and brokers grow their business.  Join Annmaire Camp, EVP Personal Risk Services and maslanksy + partners for a 45 minute session as we uncover key insights from our language research and discuss how Chubb is investing in you.

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The New Chubb Language

At Chubb, we are always looking for ways to improve the experience of our clients, give them more than they expected, and delight them at every transaction. The language study we conducted has also helped us to put our value proposition into words, reflecting what makes us special and what it means to be a Chubb client. This language has been tested thoroughly and will help you articulate our value proposition to your prospective clients and business partners. Simply put, it helps us say, “This is the kind of experience you get when you come to Chubb.”

The opportunity

Historically Chubb has been marketed as

“the original
affluent insurer”

premier coverage”

We have the opportunity to connect emotionally if we adapt our language.

The key shift

While agents and brokers recognize that Chubb is a superior carrier that provides better coverage, target prospects were most impressed with proof points of how an experience with you, partnering with Chubb, would make them feel.

Where we were:What we offer Where we are now:How we makethem feel

The new
Chubb language

Find out how Chubb’s new key messages articulate our value proposition – and how you can weave that language into your conversations to tap into our industry's largest growth opportunity.

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Get the skinny on the new Chubb language

You’re more
than a claim.
You’re our client.SM

Raise your expectation of what your
insurer should deliver.

We look for ways
to say yes.SM

We respond quickly.
Adjusters respond to claims within 24
hours, and, once approved, can issue
payment within 48

We’ll do what’s right for you.
If you need a place to stay during
repairs, we’ll arrange for a premium
hotel, or find a similar type of home in
your school district.

We look for ways
to do more.SM

We help make sure you have no gaps.
You get comprehensive, not patchwork protection.

We look out for you.
You get a proactive partner to help prevent issues from happening in the first place.

Agent Marketing Center

Agents and brokers are vital to Chubb’s success. To help you grow faster and more efficiently, we’ve created resource centers, tools, and programming you can use, and are actively investing in research and partnering with industry experts to share with you the best ways to understand and work with successful families and individuals.