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It doesn’t matter whether you drive a Toyota or a Bentley, a sports car or an SUV. Vehicles today are complex machines. Their lightweight construction and specialized technology add fuel efficiency to the car and help protect you and your family. But they also make repairs challenging. After an accident, cars must be repaired precisely, to manufacturer’s specifications, to be safe on the road again.

Cars are becoming more complex

Cars are more sophisticated than ever.

  • To improve fuel efficiency and meet the 2025 government-imposed standard of 36 miles per gallon, car manufacturers are making new cars with lighter materials like aluminum, high-strength steel, composites and carbon fiber.

  • New cars with specialized engines, such as turbo engines or hybrid/ electric drivetrains, are more complex and expensive to repair correctly.

  • Safety enhancements like more airbags, and collision avoidance and parking sensors are becoming common, which keeps you safer but makes collision repairs complicated and costly.

Fixing cars is more expensive than ever.

Lighter materials make collision damage more severe. Complex construction and complicated technology make repairs more challenging and costly.

But Chubb’s commitment to you will never change.

At Chubb, you’re more than a claim. You’re our client. That’s why we believe in providing the highest quality repair for the highest level of safety – and never on doing repairs as cheaply as possible. You’ll notice the Chubb difference across your experience – because when it comes to our clients, we’re always looking for ways to say yes, and ways to do even more.

A car’s features can help keep you safe. And Chubb’s high standards will help ensure you stay protected.

Safety and convenience features like these may improve your driving experience and reduce the potential for crashes, but they also make repairs more challenging and costly. At Chubb, we’re committed to repairing and replacing them according to the highest standards, ensuring you stay protected on the road.

We won’t compromise when it comes to our clients.

Chubb has been insuring cars since they were first invented – everything from everyday cars to high-end, luxury vehicles. We respond quickly and professionally to our clients, regardless of whether they’re in a small accident or a large catastrophic event. We insist on the highest repair standards to keep our clients safe. That’s why our Auto Technical Specialists are certified collision repair professionals, and act as safety advocates for you, making sure your vehicle is repaired correctly, every time.

Our expertise sets us apart.

  • 100,000

    Over the past five years, we’ve settled more high-end, complex auto collision claims than all of our competitors combined.

  • 50% vs. 6%

    Half of Chubb clients own European brand cars, which are known for being complex vehicles, compared to just 6% of customers with other carriers, making Chubb uniquely qualified to address repairs for our clients.

  • We focus on the safety and satisfaction of our clients and their families – never on repairing cars as cheaply as possible.

You’ll benefit from the highest repair standards.

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It is important you don’t skimp after an accident because you’re putting your family back in that car and it’s got to be safe.
See how Chubb keeps you protected 
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Using a Chubb certified shop means your car is repaired back to its original state so that it’s as safe as it was before the accident.
Learn about Chubb's certified shops 

Let us raise your expectations.

Here are just a few reasons why 97% of our clients surveyed would recommend Chubb to a family member or friend.

Get the green light with Chubb.

The chart shows how Chubb’s coverage compares to other insurance companies in the auto business. As you can see, we provide the highest level of protection for you and your family.

   Chubb Typical Insurers Other Premium Insurers
Agreed Value coverage for total loss, with no deductible or depreciation, regardless of vehicle age or mileage
Choice of repair shop or one of our elite facilities

Yes, but you may
pay out-of-pocket expenses

Use of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts only*

Yes, but you may pay out-of-pocket expenses with some carriers and limitations may apply

Auto Technical Specialists**
Rental coverage: $15,000 with loss of use and no per-day limit

Yes, but not all carriers have as high a limit

Liability and uninsured/ underinsured motorist limits of up to $10 million

Yes, but limits vary

Worldwide vehicle rental coverage
Multinational Claim units in 54 countries for easy claim settlement and currency transfer
Lock/key replacement, with no deductible or out-of-pocket expense
Child safety seat replacement, for covered damage or loss
Pet injury, up to $2,000

Yes, but limits vary

*With the exception of window glass.
**Certified collision repair professionals and client safety advocates

  • Provides the protection
  • Provides the protection but has exceptions
  • Provides none of the protection
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Your guide to Masterpiece Auto Preference

Your safety drives us to provide an exceptional standard of service, repairs and convenience.

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