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At Chubb, we understand that nothing can be as stressful or as freeing as letting your teens drive on their own. If you have new or inexperienced drivers in the family, now is a great time to take steps to protect them from harm, help them avoid accidents, and encourage them to develop the right kind of driving behaviors. Use our resource center to discover ways to talk to your teenagers about safe driving behaviors and habits.

Teen drivers are more likely to be in accidents

Source: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Highway Loss Data Institute,

Learn how to help your teen become a safe driver

Below, we’ve compiled helpful resources for parents, guardians and “driving coaches” to learn about the risks of teen driving and to help their teens learn good driving habits.


5 details to include in your teen’s formal driving agreement

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3 main reasons teenage drivers crash — and what you can do about it

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Top 10 ways parents can help teens become safe drivers

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5 best graduated licensing provisions (that you can mimic)

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Choosing the right vehicle for your teen

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Make sure your teen has the protection you have

Your teenager needs the same exceptional protection you have. It’s easy to add them to your policy. Just contact your agent or broker to get a quote and add them to your policy before they start driving on their own.

Evan’s daughter was in a car accident 2,000 miles from home

See how Chubb alleviated the stress and helped make things better again.

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Help your teen develop good driving habits with the Chubb at the Wheel™ app

Getting a driver’s license is an important milestone for you and your teenager. But because, statistically, teens are more likely to crash than any other age group, except the oldest adult drivers, you’ll want to make sure they develop the right driving habits — so they can drive safely for years to come. One way you can help is by having them download and use the Chubb at the Wheel app.

35% to 15% for those 17 to 19-year-olds who used the app Accident frequency dropped from
26% safer than those who didn’t Teen drivers who checked the app four times a week were

How the Chubb at the Wheel app encourages safe driving habits

Once your teen logs into the app, it records:
  • Your teen’s trips, including the route they take and their start and end location.
  • The time of day your teen is driving.
  • Any time when your teenager is engaged in distracted behaviors — such as when they’re driving and using a headset, AUX cable, cell phone speaker, or handling their phone for texting or calling.
  • How well your teen is driving — the app captures data that contains acceleration, braking, cornering, and speeding.
At the end of each trip, the app:
  • Provides an analysis, which lets you and your teen know how they’re doing, including whether they were distracted, how fast they were going, and how aggressively they were driving. It will include details like the time of day, day of the week, a visual map with all related events such as speeding and distracted driving duration, as well as the distance they drove.
  • Will give your teen a driving score and suggestions for how to drive more safely.

You can use this information to talk to your teens about their driving habits, your expectations of them, and how they can master the art of safe driving.

What else does the app let you do?

  • Call for roadside assistance if you or your teen need help or are in an accident
  • Find your car with a special feature that shows the car’s location at the end of the last trip recorded
  • Configure the app’s settings to fit your needs and those of your teen
  • Read the frequently asked questions
  • Call for help with the app if you don’t find the answer you need in our Frequently Asked Questions
  • Provide feedback so we can continue to improve the app