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Wolfson Insurance Brokerage, Inc.

Wolfson Insurance has over 60 years of experience insuring successful families and individuals in the New York area, and is recognized nationally as one of Chubb’s top brokerage firms. Our relationship with Chubb enables us to help you obtain the best quality coverage, and also make sure your claim gets paid in a fast, professional and fair manner, with no hassle or push-back.
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Candace Ekberg

Candace Ekberg

Candace has served the greater New York Metropolitan area for nearly 14 years, and specializes in insurance solutions for successful families and individuals. She enjoys being outdoors and spending time with her family.

Give us a call 833-398-1437

Our Products & Services

  • Homes
  • Automobile
  • Valuables & Collections
  • Boats & Yachts
  • Condo/Co-op
  • Jewelry
  • Classic Cars

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