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USI Northwest (Portland)

USI's Personal Risk practice offers dedicated individual risk management consulting from the collaborative effort of hundreds of personal risk specialists nationwide. As one of the nation's largest privately held personal risk brokerage firms, USI’s expertise provides protection across the economic spectrum serving individuals, families, emerging wealth and Family Offices. Our multi-year strategic process evaluates short and long term impact to the personal wealth of our clients. We are focused on delivering actionable, measurable risk solutions that protect income and wealth, enhance coverage, control costs and provide more efficient investment of premium dollars.
Office hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Your personal agent
Jeff Clinkscales

Jeff Clinkscales

Jeff offers client-focused solutions including an individualized risk profile that allows him to build a customized plan for your unique set of risk exposures.

Give us a call 503-550-6322

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