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Oswald Companies (Cleveland)

Established in 1893, Oswald is among the 50 largest US independent agencies specializing in designing personal risk management programs for successful individuals and families.
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Kim Lucarello

Kim Lucarello

For four decades, Kim Lucarello has provided strategic and personalized services to distinct clientele.  She is nationally recognized as a tireless advocate, serving affluent individuals and families, family offices, executives, professional thletes, and clients of many trusted advisors.  Kim holds the certification of Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC). Inn 2015 she earned her CAPI designation from the Wharton School, and Kim was honored as a "Poer Broker" by Risk & Insurancec Magazine in 2017. 

Give us a call 216-367-8582

Our Products & Services

  • Personal Insurance Client Management
  • Annual Risk Assessments
  • Claims Advocacy
  • Family Office Specialists
  • Group Personal Excess Liability Programs

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