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Gallagher Insurance Brokers

We help you face your future with confidence.

More than 100,000+ businesses over 30 locations across Australia choose Gallagher as their insurance and risk management partner and broker. Why? Because we deliver, local expertise combined with the national resources of one of Australia's leading insurance broking companies.

We think big when it comes to safeguarding your business and find the right solutions for growing enterprises, tailored to meet your needs and budget.

From our experience in supporting businesses as they grow, we have gained insight into the insurance essentials that a typical bundled package might include.

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Glen Browne is Deputy Regional President for Asia Pacific and Division President for Consumer Lines. He is responsible for growing the region’s consumer portfolio through product innovations, consumer partnerships, direct marketing and digital distribution for both the company’s general and life insurance divisions. Prior to his current responsibilities for Consumer Lines, he was overseeing Chubb’s operations in Southeast Asia, in addition to his role as Deputy Regional President for Asia Pacific NumberEmail, Address, Portal

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Gaps in General Liability Coverage

  • Claims arising out of damage to and/or loss of use of intangible property are not covered
  • No cover unless the manufacturing defect results in bodily injury or property damage

At Chubb, we are committed to serve manufacturers and ensure they are adequately protected from the risks associated with actual or alleged product or service defects, deficiencies, inadequacies or dangerous conditions. That’s why we developed a simple, standardized endorsement which adds Errors or Omissions liability insurance to a manufacturer’s General Liability policy with a focus on ease of business.

Errors or Omissions (E&O) insurance plays a critical part in protecting a manufacturer’s balance sheet by responding on a manufacturer’s behalf to third-party claims alleging financial or economic injury. It is also offered as part of Chubb Assembly, a solution which offers scalable insurance enhancements and modular, liability-driven insurance solutions, specifically for the manufacturing industry.