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Yuctan & Gillian H.

When a ceiling leak led to an unexpected restoration, all Gillian and Yuctan had to do was pick the finishing touches.

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With one phone call, Chubb took care of everything.

Gillian and Yuctan were out enjoying dinner when a call from their nanny interrupted their date night. They were dismayed to hear water was leaking from their upstairs bathroom – straight through the dining room ceiling. But soon after, they turned to a one-step recovery plan: a phone call to Chubb. Within hours, Chubb sent a mold remediation team and structural engineer to survey the damage.

From recommending and coordinating contractors to quickly agreeing on costs to repair their entire bathroom, Chubb removed the hassle from the unexpected restoration. Knowing Gillian had an impending ankle surgery Chubb kept the family’s needs in mind and tapped into its vast vendor network so every step of the process was met on time.
Chubb provided the family more than just a check; Chubb eliminated their stress and delegated one simple decision to Gillian and Yuctan, which was to select their favorite bathroom tile.

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  • Location

    Washington, D.C.

  • Claim incident

    May 2017

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  • Annual cost of water damage

    2.5 billion per year in the US

  • Insurance Agent

    Sahouri Insurance
    8200 Greensboro Dr Suite 1550,
    McLean, VA 22102

We didn’t have to worry about anything except for picking out the tile.

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