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Nancy M.

Nancy had never heard a good insurance story. But when a storm came through and a tree fell and destroyed her home, Chubb stepped in to prove her wrong.

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Chubb’s first-class service made Nancy’s claim a seamless experience.

Nancy and her husband were traveling when their neighbor called with shocking news: an enormous red oak tree had fallen through their home. With a 25-ton tree and gaping holes in her roof, and water everywhere from a rainstorm, Nancy felt panicked, and expected to come home to a disaster.

Instead, Chubb was ready to help her breathe easier and make her home new again. After finding her a comfortable place to stay, the restoration process began quickly. Chubb surprised Nancy by replacing her hardwood floors, even ones that weren’t damaged so the style and quality would match. Each step, Chubb reassured Nancy that everything was done correctly.

Nancy was amazed that Chubb turned an unexpected disaster into a minor inconvenience, leaving her feeling completely supported throughout the experience.

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  • Location

    Bluffton, South Carolina

  • Claim incident

    ​August 2015

  • Client since


  • Annual cost of water damage

    $2.5 billion per year in the US

  • Insurance Agent

    Assured Partners
    3860 Faber Place
    Drive #400
    North Charleston, SC 29405

It wasn’t about the expenses. It was about us and making our home right again.

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