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Kathy L.

When a water hose on Kathy’s washing machine burst, Chubb exceeded her expectations in restoring her home.

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Whatever Kathy needed, Chubb was there, detail by detail, step by step.

As Kathy walked down her hallway, her feet sank into her soaked rugs. When she turned into her laundry room, water was gushing from a burst washing machine hose. Panicked, she jumped into ankle-deep water to turn the hose off. Kathy couldn’t believe the amount of damage in such a short period of time.

Chubb arrived within the hour, removing drapes and carpets and other water-soaked items from her home. But, Chubb’s service didn’t stop there. Chubb sent a specialist to make sure there was no hidden water damage that could lead to other problems down the road. Then Chubb got to work putting her home back together – installing new ceilings and drywall, and replacing her Oriental rugs and artwork.

Throughout her experience, Kathy felt like she was Chubb’s number one project and number one client.

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  • Location

    ​Atlanta, Georgia

  • Client since


  • Annual cost of water damage

    $2.5 billion per year in the US

  • Insurance Agent

    Inner-City Underwriting Agency
    Phone: 312-341-9080

Chubb definitely earned my respect and they have my trust.

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