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Evan L.

Long-time client Evan has never endorsed any company but Chubb.

The entire experience is a premium experience.

After 20 years as a Chubb client, and several claims experiences under his belt, Evan wouldn’t recommend anyone but Chubb to his family and friends. Whether it was helping supporting his daughter after a car accident or treating him and his family with empathy when they had to unexpectedly cancel a vacation, Chubb made each experience seamless and painless for Evan and his family.

To Evan, having Chubb insurance has always meant receiving premium service.

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  • Location

    Weston, CT

  • Claim incident

    Client since: 1997

  • Annual cost of water damage

    $2.5 billion per year in the US

  • Insurance agent

    Lloyd Bedford Cox
    P.O. Box 476
    Bedford Hills, NY 10507

The Chubb professionals were efficient, but also kind and understanding.

When the death of a family member meant canceling his vacation, Evan’s experience with Chubb was easy and empathetic.

Evan and his family were set to go on vacation to Belize when his father in law fell ill and passed away. The family had to cancel their vacation, and their airfare and hotel reservations were non-refundable. Because Evan had a travel policy with Chubb, he submitted a claim for their canceled trip. Through one simple conversation with a Chubb adjuster, all Evan had to submit was a letter from the hotel indicating that the rooms were non- refundable. He received reimbursement for the maximum amount of his claim, which covered 80% of the trip’s expenses, in less than one week.

While his family was dealing with funeral arrangements and coping with the loss of their loved one, Evan felt that his Chubb adjuster was someone who truly understood his situation, and who wanted to make things right for him and his family.

Everything Chubb did alleviated stress in what could have been a pretty stressful incident for her.

When Evan’s daughter got into a car accident 2,000 miles away from home, Chubb helped put the incident behind them.

Evan’s daughter was in Las Vegas during her college break when one night while driving, she side-swiped an 18-wheeler and damaged the driver’s side of her car. Thankfully, she was uninjured, but Evan and his wife were even more worried because they weren’t there to help her in person. That’s when Chubb stepped in. Chubb immediately got an adjuster on the phone to walk her through the process for how to handle the accident with the police and the truck driver. And they arranged for her to drive a replacement MINI Cooper while her car underwent repairs, and helped keep the mechanics moving forward so the repairs wouldn’t take longer than expected.

For Evan, getting that phone call from his daughter 2,000 miles away was hard, but Chubb kept him calm and reassured throughout the entire process.

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