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Protect your home from water and flood damage.

If you live on the coast, or near a lake or river, the need for flood protection may seem obvious. But dramatic weather patterns and land development are reducing the earth’s capacity for water absorption and increasing the risk of floods — even for homes that aren’t near water.

What we are doing for you

Most typical homeowner policies don’t cover flood damage on their own. For water and flood damage, you’ll need an insurance solution that includes a separate flood policy.

Our Personal and Excess Flood Insurance is a better alternative to the National Flood Insurance Program.

Here’s why:

Higher limits for your high-value home

Chubb Personal Flood Insurance can provide up to $15 million in total property coverage for your home and its contents.

Better protection where floods are likely to cause the most damage

If you have a finished basement that serves as a home theater, billiard room or other purpose, Chubb offers added protection in this damage-prone area.

More coverage for precious possessions

Chubb offers higher-than-average limits for special possessions such as art, collectibles, jewelry and silverware, and even golf carts — $5,000 for each category.

Replacement cost for damaged property and possessions

In many cases, standard flood policies won’t cover the full cost to repair or rebuild your home after a flood. Chubb will pay to replace your property and possessions (up to the limit on your policy) without deduction for depreciation, in the event of a covered loss.

Coverage if you must live away from home due to flooding

Additional living expense coverage pays up to $7,500 for a temporary residence, meals and other expenses you may incur if your home can’t be lived in during rebuilding or repairs after a covered flood loss. Higher limits are available for an additional premium.

Proactive measures

Coverage up to $5,000 is included for expenses to help protect your home from flood damage and to move your property out of harm’s way when a flood warning is issued.

For Carol, being a Chubb client for 18 years has been exceptional.

Carol was devastated after major water leaks damaged the home of her dreams. But, Chubb was there to make her whole again.

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