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Protecting your home and family from an earthquake.

Your family or business doesn’t have to be vulnerable in the event of an earthquake. Chubb’s preparedness and planning resources can minimize damage before and after a disaster.

Personal Insurance Resources

Preparedness and Planning

You and your family can take proactive steps to reduce damage from an earthquake. For steps you can take before, during and after an earthquake,
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Additional resources

  • USGS: Real-time information on earthquakes
  • FEMA: Disaster preparation and mitigation tips; response and recovery resources
  • Red Cross: Disaster relief resources

Business Insurance Resources

Business Continuity Planning

Disasters come in many forms: some are imposed by nature, such as hurricanes or earthquake; and some occur inside, such as a boiler failure or toxic chemical spill. With a business continuity plan, you can help protect your business operations and recover quickly should something happen.

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Resuming Business Operations After a Disaster

In the wake of a disaster, there are a number of steps you can take to quickly resume business operations.

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Protecting your family and home from an earthquake.

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