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It’s not always large-scale, complex problems that lead to cyber incidents. Often it’s the actions of a single person that leads to an exposure. For instance, writing passwords on paper, leaving company technology unattended, and falling victim to a phishing scam, are gateways that can lead to a data breach. Chubb spotted these patterns in our claims history and research, and implemented a solution to enable all of our cyber policyholders – and their employees – to clearly understand cyber security best practices and identify a potential threat.

Chubb collaborated with security training provider, Skillbridge, to deliver online cyber security training to all Chubb cyber policyholders. Risk is greatly reduced when cyber security becomes common sense.

Online Cyber Security Education Features

  • Educates employees on the key ways to identify potential cyber threats, protect sensitive data, and escalate issues to the right people when necessary
  • Improves security posture by giving employees the knowledge they need to better protect valuable security information assets through proactive, security-conscious behavior
  • Reduces vulnerabilities by creating an aware and informed workforce
  • Deploys two online courses to your entire organization and employees:
    • Security Awareness Basics
    • Security Awareness for Information Technology
  • Enables managers to download reports on who has completed courses and how they performed
  • Option to purchase additional courses from Skillbridge and add the courses to your portal

How to Access

To sign up for Chubb’s Online Cyber Security Education as part of your cyber policy with Chubb, click here to request services.

For more information on Skillbridge, visit

Contact Us

For more information on Chubb’s Online Cyber Security Education and other cyber services available through Chubb, contact your local agent or broker.