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Remembering passwords is difficult. Remembering secure, complex passwords for every account you own? Nearly impossible. The answer is Dashlane, the all-in-one solution that remembers and automatically fills in all your passwords, logins, personal info, and payment details—quickly and accurately. You can even share passwords with colleagues, friends, and family without ever revealing the real password. Dashlane makes it easy to have strong, unique passwords for everything, because passwords are the foundation of sound online security practices.

80% of people use the same or similar version of a password for everything, even between work and home. A single stolen credential re-used on multiple sites can unlock dozens of accounts for hackers.

The SecureAuth Survey, May 2017

But online security can’t stop there. That’s why Dashlane offers a suite of advanced tools to help you secure and control all the information about you that lives online—your digital identity. With its built-in VPN, Dashlane encrypts your online activity on unsecure WiFi networks to always keep your personal information safe and private, everywhere you go. And with Dark Web Monitoring, Dashlane will scan the web and alert you if your personal information is ever found where it doesn’t belong.

Dashlane Features

  • Improves cybersecurity by making it easier to create stronger passwords you use on the web
  • Provides benchmarking for the passwords you currently use to help you identify potential password issues and correct them
  • Generates strong, secure passwords for online accounts
  • Automatically logs in to websites so you don’t have to type in passwords
  • Sends instant security alerts to your computer or mobile device when websites you have an account with experience a breach
  • Changes multiple passwords with the click of a button without leaving the app
  • Synchronizes and backs up your passwords across multiple devices so you can access them securely anywhere

How to Access

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